Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Geneva Journals- The Old Walking Couple

 I began my run despite the drizzle and the wet roads. Listening to music, podcasts while running has became distraction now. I'm more keen to hear my breathe and feel the rhythm of it. Also, the soundscape of the places I visit are very interesting. I went across the chapel and thought of taking a long turn to sunflower field. To make it a long path, I turned left, instead of right and headed to a place where I found this powerful statue that marks the revolution of Hungary 1956. It's a statue of woman who's unshackling herself and flying above. Very powerful. I stopped for a while to spend time at the statue. The human figure has a lot of dynamics and the woman looks below looking how she's transforming herself. 

A very much needed of work to believe in transformation and change in life. Will revisit sometime. I continued my run and spotted some sheep, right infront of a corporate building. The sheep stood still staring into the void (atleast that's what I assume)

Ran across the dying leaves and wondered where does these leaves be moved, transformed, and bloom into another beings. I could think of the thought, 'every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.' 

Running across the streets, I went a round about and began my run towards the sunflower field. This time, again I ran into dog-Snow and the dog owner, walking along with a friend carrying colourful umbrellas.

What an experience to walk along the fields and share conversations, I thought and ran to the other field. There I found an old couple enjoying the breath taking sight. 

It's nice when people spend time together and enjoy their walks. I tried to begin a conversation with them. At first, with signal we tried communicating but, I couldn't understand it. The elderly person opened the phone and spoke in chinese. And the translated text was, "Sorry I don't understand french because I speak Chinese."

The elderly lady held her pink umbrella and looked at both of us, trying to be part of the communication we're having.

I was amazed by the way we were communicating. I nodded my head and smile profusely while he spoke a few more sentences into phone. "Myself and my wife are 76. We're too old to learn it now." He showed it with a pleasant face. I love the way they're enjoying their day. 

Have a nice day I said out loud despite I know that he'd perceive my English as French. I joined my hands as a sign of respect and took a step behind to run back to home. Glad to meet 76 year old couple who takes a walk into nature and enjoys a cloudy rainy day. 

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