Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Walk and Talk

My wish is to walk and talk to people whom I love to spend time with.

I also wish to talk to myself while I enjoy walking for long distances. When you walk, you're relaxed. When you walk you're in sense of work and think only things which really mean to you

Hitch Hiking Diaries

Soon after the visit of Abbey Waterfalls, I wanted to visit a place called, "Mandalapatty."

Though no one accompanied me complaining about the road to that place, I decided to visit that place.

Mandalapatty 18 km

As I started walking, people offered me jeep ride which costs 1500. I neither had money nor interest to pay for it. Knowing the lean chances of getting a ride till that place, I started walking down the lane.

I walked and asked every vehicle which passed by me. Many consciously didn't acknowledge me, many smiled at me without offering a ride and I walked 3 km walking  towards Mandalpatty.

Young person named Soham arrived on a bike and was surprised to see me walking alone on the road. After an enquiry of my presence, he offered me ride till the place he wanted to go.

He silently listened to what I was saying and questioned me about my action if there was a sudden rainfall.
A long way to go

Amid green trees

I never thought about it.

I had no answer. He reminded me of rain several times and suggested me to go safely.

Pondering about the question he posed, I kept walking and enjoyed the serenity which was spread in those green trees.

After a walk of 6 km, I merely lost hope of anyone giving me a ride. It was an uphill and I knew there were lean chances of getting ride but, to my surprise, a jeep stopped enquiring about my walk again.

Driver Raja was shocked to listen to me as I said, "I'm on hitch hiking." 5 friends were on ride to Mandalapatty and they offered me ride till Mandalapatty.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Out of the dust by Karen Hesse

Out of the dust is a verse novel written by Karen Hesse.

This is the first story in verse form which I've read. And I enjoyed it.

It's about a girl, Bille Joe who describes her life and her problems. This book made me realize how important are the words which are unsaid than said.

I give full marks for it's brevity.

Poet Karen Hesse makes the reader feel for the girl and all the characters in the novel.

Though it seemed easy to read at first, there were few times  where I had to stop thinking how Billie Joe went through all those situations. What more is the best writing when author makes reader relate to the characters of the story.

To write a story in free verse form is truly an achievement.

I'd give another read entirely to enjoy the reading.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My friend, Shreya's blog. The Twilight Tales

I take immense pleasure in encouraging my friends and others to write. For the sheer happiness and peace and betterment in life, I suggest people to write.

Once, I was told by a friend that, "writing lets you organize your thoughts well."

I believe in it and help myself by organizing my thoughts every time.

I write to record, recite and recall the whole experience of my life in words.

On a fine day, Shreya called me up and said how she wishes to express her emotions and experiences before she could fail to record them in any way.

All I could suggest her was to write.

Problem with writing is, you feel to write but you never write. Most of us  think about writing but never sit to write for the fear of being corrected, imitated, and what not!

Pushing all those inhibitions aside, Shreya started writing blog sharing what's inside her mind, sharing what she wants to share.

I'm glad she not only felt to write but also she started writing. I wish her all goodness in life for she started a hobby which makes her life better for her good.

Here's the link of her blog. Check it out.

Night with writings

Praneeth hosted me for a night and he asked me about my works. I showed few of my poems to him.
 "Wait I've something to show you. Even I used to write. My family doesn't even know about it." He said and got couple of books and few papers. 

How beautiful is it to recite the poems which we've wrote sometime back.

To write is to express the experience. 
To write is to evoke an emotion with your impression.

To write is to record life in words which are worth experiencing many times.
Everyone can be writer and everyone are. It's the act of organisation of your thoughts making your life more meaningful​  as you live the life more consciously.

Thanks Praneeth for the conversation. Had great time discussing poetry.

Sruthi, the happy friend.

She is sweet, intelligent, slim and short!

"Sruthi", I call her with a big smile as she always makes me smile every time I talk to her.

till now from the year 2010 we met.

Sruthi is honest, innocent. Back to 2010, I know her only by her studious, silly doubts which she rose regarding most silliest things on earth. ' God bless the child,' was my response to her actions during 10th class. 

From being understandable classmates to we grew up as caring friends, sharing happiness and smiles.

It's been 7 years since we met and Sruthi is one of the friends with whom I don't think twice before sharing anything to her. 

It's her goodness which I always imbibe in me. She brings the positive vibes as she is always 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I woz by Steve Wozniak and Gina Smith

After reading, Steve Jobs by Waler Issacson, I thought I knew the apple story. But, when I got to know about the book by  the co-founder of Apple, I quickly grabbed to know his story of apple.

Wozniak who was depicted to be soft, ethical and more honest person in other books  is as he was shown in other media. His childhood paved him a way to prosper in the field of electronics. The kind of encouragement he got from his dad is what he can ever be thankful for. The book was too geeky for me at times.

All he wrote at times was about the specifications of his products. I couldn't understand few. There are few stories which revealed the other side of Apple story. His plan of submitting the idea to HP, experiences at Homebrew club were informative and eye opening.

The best thing I loved in the book is when he talked about values, responsibility and dreams.

I loved one of his tips. He straightforwardly says to work alone which brings greater responsibility towards the work. His ethics and values are so intense and inspiring. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The art of recieving.

To give is to celebrate the happiness which receivers share when one gives.

Give love, empathy, goodness, book and anything worthy which makes life better.

After receiving a gift from Ved, who's very good junior of mine. I realized how important is, to receive well rather than how important to give.

As Ved and I discuss many things when we meet, I told how I loved the last book I read. Listening to it, he quickly paused me and said, "You reminded me for a good reason. I have something for you,' and gave a book.

The Motorcycle Diaries.

He returned with this book saying, "Bro, you'll like it."

All I could do at that time was to smile. I don't know If I received it well.

Many say, 'Giving is good and difficult' but, receiving is far more   difficult and important.

I couldn't express how I loved the gesture of gifting the book to me. I didn't know how to thank.

All I could do was smile, laugh and say Ved, 'Thanks a lot.'

I wish, I expressed him how I loved the book and also his efforts to gift me

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Elizabeth. The old friend.

It was my ever lasting wish to meet old friends of mine at a different place and different time. It never happened but, something good happened. 

I met Elizabeth. Elizabeth whom I knew for years but never saw her, spoke to her.

Today is her birthday and I'm glad I'm celebrating her birthday. 

Elizabeth, as I call her 'Elza' is an ambivert who is intelligent and innocent. She reminds  me of a child whose thoughts waver, attention quivers but lives in the moment.

She is a quick learner and can do whatever she wants to do but, I wish to know more of her dreams. 

It's been a month since I knew her. It's been a week since I knew her as Swathi's friend. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Thought of the hour- Be privileged/grateful

To be grateful for the life is to live the life completely. It's all about being conscious of what we have and what we don't.

To feel privileged comes with a risk of being complacent. Those who feel privileged for minute things in life can witness the difference.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Day. Bala Day. And it's his Birthday.

His name brings the smiles. His name brings out love, laughs, for, he is a person who values relations more than anything.  His presence makes a difference. His words makes a difference.

Balaji Varma a.k.a  Bala, Bava, Baali, Pani da, legendary Bala, Last drop Bala, Manager Bala and what not!!

It's  a pleasure to write about him as, he brings out happiness and laughs to our lives with his words, actions and songs.

Recalling B.Tech days, he was the first person to amuse not only me, but the whole gang. He comes up casually and ask 10,000 money. Who on earth could imagine B.tech 1st year guy to have 10,000 to lend it to a friend!. That wasn't it. Another day, another time, he casually asks bike during 1st year. We still recall it as we troll him now and then.

Being a mechanical gang, we tend to play more and go out more as we don't have girls to cancel the plans. It was Bala again, who'd manage everything from Beers to Best resort place. To say, it was his birthday 5 years back, where we started the tradition of spending time in resorts for the rest of our B.tech life. His friends' company gave us bummer back then during the party. But, he's so cool making sure everyone enjoys and have good time. It's a fact that no one threw as many parties as Bala had. He just does it. Bala is the first name, we get whenever we are in doubt of place for a party.

Not only that, he also makes us happy with his songs. Praise him, troll him, you can never stop him from singing many songs. So intense was his passion towards his fail singing that he used to save the lyrics on phone and sing all the time in class. 

'Paani da,'  is his signature song. Only few songs were saved from his experiments on  them. People who are reading this may mistake Bala as good singer, no, he's terrible singer but, still we love his singing!

Bala bit high on songs makes our day as the experience is ineffable.

Bala is a good manager and hard worker. His managing skills are so good that all our plans are always done by him. He's the person behind any party or trips. The knowledge he has on various business is outstanding and make our jaws drop as he's always our last drop Bala, who always try to do something new in various ventures.

He's a great at maintaining relations. There's no one in the gang who has as many connections as he got. Name it and he'd be having a person in that field to give first hand information. Time spent with him is truly memorable. He was one of my anchor support when I was having rough time. Peace out.

Monday, May 1, 2017

My friend Vikas.

Vikas is my B.tech friend. Journey with him is special for many reasons. It wasn't tough to break the ice on first day. We started talking on many things since our 1st day of college. Ranging from mileage of Hummer to favorite sport, Basketball we talked a lot on the first day itself. Basketball was one of our common interests.

Vikas is a basketball player since his school days.Talk to him about sports, especially football, one would never get a chance to call it a day for such discussions.  Vikas hailed from Bangalore who shifted to Hyderabad solely for study purpose. He was a hosteler from his primary school days. He's so easy to go with. I say, without a doubt that he's everyone's favorite in the gang. He's the person who made his presence felt by his words, wishes, and trolls.  I feel lucky in a way that I spent most of the time in B.tech life with him.

Shared common interests and studied the same course, 'Mechanical Engineering.'

I find it funny to write about him as I never tried penning down thoughts about him. But, he's one of the reasons for a start to my writing career.
5-hour journey to Vijayawada with him is the most rememberable experience to both of us. To say, that's the first story I penned down and later continued to finish my 1st novel. I never acknowledged it. I never thanked him. I assumed that he knew that, 'I'm thankful to him.' Now, I realize how important it is to appreciate and acknowledge the goodness of him. The greatness of him is, he never expected anything in return when he does some good for others.

I told to many people that, 'I missed trains and I became a writer.' The person with whom I missed trains is this 6 footer, only english speaking, Vikas!

His actions taught me more than his words, "Accept everyone for the way they are,"  His trait to accept people for the way they are, amused me at first and became a first lesson to learn from him. He accepts everyone for, he doesn't identify himself with anything but laughs and smiles. That's the trait I tried inculcating in my life. 

Vikas don't have many hobbies. Academics was never his cup of tea but he's certified mechanical Engineering graduate now. Sports took the most of his time in his entire life. He plays all possible sports that could be played outdoor. Trying new sport is his hobby, 'After going to Australia, will try new sport re,' said Vikas who'll be leaving to Australia for Higher Studies.

Vikas was there for me every time. It was his generosity and goodness that made our bond stronger.Both of us being into college basketball team stayed together for most of the time. It was to the basketball court I had to go every evening for practice no matter if I bunked college or not. With such discipline and ever encouraging teammates Vikas was there as a protecting brother encouraging me, supporting me whenever I failed on court.
Vikas dunking at indoors

Vikas, Sathwik and me

His harsh words at practice always pushed me to be my best as both of us know that he's being there in that way for my goodness. In the same way, I found happiness in cheering him, supporting him.

I'd keep on writing about our experiences to describe him. Once I tried penning down thoughts to describe him and it became a poem.

Today is his birthday, I wish him all happiness, health and peace in his life.

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