Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I woz by Steve Wozniak and Gina Smith

After reading, Steve Jobs by Waler Issacson, I thought I knew the apple story. But, when I got to know about the book by  the co-founder of Apple, I quickly grabbed to know his story of apple.

Wozniak who was depicted to be soft, ethical and more honest person in other books  is as he was shown in other media. His childhood paved him a way to prosper in the field of electronics. The kind of encouragement he got from his dad is what he can ever be thankful for. The book was too geeky for me at times.

All he wrote at times was about the specifications of his products. I couldn't understand few. There are few stories which revealed the other side of Apple story. His plan of submitting the idea to HP, experiences at Homebrew club were informative and eye opening.

The best thing I loved in the book is when he talked about values, responsibility and dreams.

I loved one of his tips. He straightforwardly says to work alone which brings greater responsibility towards the work. His ethics and values are so intense and inspiring. 

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