Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hitch Hiking Diaries

Soon after the visit of Abbey Waterfalls, I wanted to visit a place called, "Mandalapatty."

Though no one accompanied me complaining about the road to that place, I decided to visit that place.

Mandalapatty 18 km

As I started walking, people offered me jeep ride which costs 1500. I neither had money nor interest to pay for it. Knowing the lean chances of getting a ride till that place, I started walking down the lane.

I walked and asked every vehicle which passed by me. Many consciously didn't acknowledge me, many smiled at me without offering a ride and I walked 3 km walking  towards Mandalpatty.

Young person named Soham arrived on a bike and was surprised to see me walking alone on the road. After an enquiry of my presence, he offered me ride till the place he wanted to go.

He silently listened to what I was saying and questioned me about my action if there was a sudden rainfall.
A long way to go

Amid green trees

I never thought about it.

I had no answer. He reminded me of rain several times and suggested me to go safely.

Pondering about the question he posed, I kept walking and enjoyed the serenity which was spread in those green trees.

After a walk of 6 km, I merely lost hope of anyone giving me a ride. It was an uphill and I knew there were lean chances of getting ride but, to my surprise, a jeep stopped enquiring about my walk again.

Driver Raja was shocked to listen to me as I said, "I'm on hitch hiking." 5 friends were on ride to Mandalapatty and they offered me ride till Mandalapatty.

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