Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Day. Bala Day. And it's his Birthday.

His name brings the smiles. His name brings out love, laughs, for, he is a person who values relations more than anything.  His presence makes a difference. His words makes a difference.

Balaji Varma a.k.a  Bala, Bava, Baali, Pani da, legendary Bala, Last drop Bala, Manager Bala and what not!!

It's  a pleasure to write about him as, he brings out happiness and laughs to our lives with his words, actions and songs.

Recalling B.Tech days, he was the first person to amuse not only me, but the whole gang. He comes up casually and ask 10,000 money. Who on earth could imagine B.tech 1st year guy to have 10,000 to lend it to a friend!. That wasn't it. Another day, another time, he casually asks bike during 1st year. We still recall it as we troll him now and then.

Being a mechanical gang, we tend to play more and go out more as we don't have girls to cancel the plans. It was Bala again, who'd manage everything from Beers to Best resort place. To say, it was his birthday 5 years back, where we started the tradition of spending time in resorts for the rest of our B.tech life. His friends' company gave us bummer back then during the party. But, he's so cool making sure everyone enjoys and have good time. It's a fact that no one threw as many parties as Bala had. He just does it. Bala is the first name, we get whenever we are in doubt of place for a party.

Not only that, he also makes us happy with his songs. Praise him, troll him, you can never stop him from singing many songs. So intense was his passion towards his fail singing that he used to save the lyrics on phone and sing all the time in class. 

'Paani da,'  is his signature song. Only few songs were saved from his experiments on  them. People who are reading this may mistake Bala as good singer, no, he's terrible singer but, still we love his singing!

Bala bit high on songs makes our day as the experience is ineffable.

Bala is a good manager and hard worker. His managing skills are so good that all our plans are always done by him. He's the person behind any party or trips. The knowledge he has on various business is outstanding and make our jaws drop as he's always our last drop Bala, who always try to do something new in various ventures.

He's a great at maintaining relations. There's no one in the gang who has as many connections as he got. Name it and he'd be having a person in that field to give first hand information. Time spent with him is truly memorable. He was one of my anchor support when I was having rough time. Peace out.

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