Monday, November 30, 2020

Friends- Srikanth & Abhilash bideu

It's been 2 years, since we met. In 2019 Jan, we went together for a trek. And now, we gathered for dinner after almost 2 years. Srikanth is settling in Bengaluru. Srikanth is planning to fly to US. 

Three of us in three different streams, yet  we have a lot of conversation to banter on. Books, philosophy, science, school of thoughts. We got it all covered. 8 years, we are there for each other sharing our lives once in a while. 

I spent half time in the car travelling together from one corner of the city to other corner of the city. And Ashish, Srikanth's friend hosted us for a party. Had great time catching up with the friends. 

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Soliloquies- Work

We spend most of our life by work only.
When we do not love the work we do or we do not have the sense of purpose in the world we do, we try hard to stay happy.

I find these things to find happiness in work. 

  • Sense of Purpose in the work
  • Thinking beyond the self
  • A comfort 
  • Intermittent Incentives of all kinds

Day out with Dad

One more day, I would be traveling to Rajasthan from home. At home, I start my day by picking the newspaper to read the headlines. Dad woke up early, he held the district edition, I took the main newspaper. 
"Nagaravanam is opened today by 6am." Dad read.  "I want to visit," I shared. Dad dropped his routine for driving to Nagaravanam. 

Both of us headed to Nagaravanam. 15 Kilometre away from my home.  

Looking at the hills, dad shared his childhood experiences of visiting Palakondalu to fetch the wood. "Let me also join, I thought, assuming it as easy but, I couldn't reach till home. 


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Memories- One day, Four Years

25.Nov.2016, 4 years ago

Post college, Bangalore became my second home. Leaving Hyderabad, I went to live in Bengaluru leaving all the expectations of everyone. Let me study for CAT, I thought. Why should I do MBA, I questioned myself. So much of doubt, so much of lack of clarity. I was not hearing anyone’s advices. I was not ready to listen to anyone’s advices. I wanted to take break. And I was sure of it.

What did I achieve from the break? The break was so important that, I could believe, I can own up my actions and still live with it.  I wanted to do nothing after engineering, just to tell myself that, I do not lose any worth if I decide to do nothing for some time.

On this day, I returned to home (Raichur) from Bengaluru to spend rest of the year with the family.

 25. Nov.2017, 3 years ago

Post break, I was ready to work. I took up the job, I was offered in the placement. Despite being trained on coding, I asked to work on the management side to learn the business. I believed in the power of asking and I got it. Contended about the work I did; I enjoyed every day. Vikas left for Australia. Everyone was working their way to do something. Bala, Raghu and Prudhvi together opened Retro Drive In. On this day, the RETRO Drive inn got inaugurated.


25. Nov.2018, 2 years ago,

Everyone got busy in their lives, including myself. Why do we work? I began questioning the purpose of the work. Unable to spend time with loved ones. Am I unable to manage the time effectively? Or is it tough that I am unable to spend time with loved ones? It is priorities and decision making, I confirmed. On this day, I accompanied my childhood friend in traveling to Mumbai via Bangalore. Early morning, I flew to Bangalore and then with the friend, we flew to Bombay. Met another friend. Spent afternoon. Flew back to home. It is all with the priorities and decision making, I realized.


25. Nov.2019, a year ago

Decisions made. Worked on the plans. Quit the corporate job. Pursued fellowship at Azim Premji Foundation. Waking up during the winters seemed the toughest thing for me but, it’s in these winters, the kids work, wash dishes, cook food and then head to school. During these times, comes Nanu, Shailendra’s daughter. She is 4 years old and wishes to join her Dad to the school. School is full of assembly, timings, classes, and little playing. For Nanu, it is all about playing. During the assembly, she was busy drawing on the ground, posing for the art she created.

 25. Nov.2020, a day ago,

Nothing went as expected. COVID-19, lockdown, unlock,  travelled to home during the pandemic situation. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Cycle Ride - Forty Kilometers. One Hundred and Forty Minutes

 I  wasn't sure when I began the ride. I rode for a few kilometres trying to assess the comfortable height of the saddle. I took a break, set the saddle, filled the air. I was ready for a long-distance ride.

On average, I ride a kilometre in 3minutes 30 seconds. Maintaining the average speed, I pedalled along. Within an hour, rode 20 km and I reached the deserted roads without any hustle of cars or trucks. 

I returned home, aiming to hit the forty km mark. Riding through the deserted roads has an advantage. You're not disturbed and there's no fear of vehicles ramming into us. 

The orange hue was swallowed into grey skies. Little flies appeared on the road. Thanks to the twilight, I could observe the road and avoid the potholes. Under the moonlight, I rode for a few kilometres in darkness(not advisable)  Soon after some time, I reached the flickering lit city. 

Forty Kilometres in One hundred and forty minutes. 


Sunday, November 22, 2020

Instagram after a long time

Why should I be rigid about not using social media? Let me log in, I thought, and installed the Instagram application. It's been 120 days, there were a lot of changes and developments in the application, I took a few seconds to check out all the options. 
When I got on to Instagram, I only wanted to know what 4-5 artists have created and shared during those 120 days. 

Swiped the screen, I had stories by friends with bits and pieces of opinion over a statement. There's no context but, crisp opinions and arguments on 'overwork.'  Friends had opinions on the opinion other had and the time span of the whole story is less than ten seconds. After scrolling for a few pictures in the feed, I discovered there's a lot of things I really do not care about. 

"It's been long since I posted anything. So here it is." "Just to maintain symmetry." And many more taglines with a lot of smiling and happy pictures. Having no one beside yet, hanging out with each other virtually. Everyone was trying hard to stay connected. I am not any good. I signed up to stay connected as well. But, what do I share? What do I share with all the people who are on my list? Before I act on my thoughts, I observed that my thoughts were strayed, seeking validations.  I thought, what do they want to hear, rather than what do I like to share?

I posted a few scribblings and drawings. I wanted to share beyond just a picture or any art because the purpose of sharing the art was to share the story or start a dialogue on it. I failed to do it over Instagram. 

I installed Hootsuite, Social media scheduler to schedule the upload of the pictures. I picked a few best visually appealing pictures. Write a few lines and scheduled them. I realized that those pictures would just tease others to know what I do but, still stifle what I really do and what I'm doing.  I didn't intend to do any of these sorts but, I was very automatic in portraying such personality on social media. 

I'm curious of my acts. Let me observe how I'm going to act on social media from now on. 


In-person Conversations

Overcall, mom always advises and tell everything that I should do and what I ought to do, no matter what. Keep your clothes clean. Eat fruits. Sleep early.  However, when I come home, the conversations go beyond the pieces of advice. She's contended to have me at home. Casually, she cuts the fruit, offers me, and sits beside me. "Abhi..." She starts and shares how she learned cooking, how her father sent her to school. How she learned to read and write.   

Spending days at home, I go and disturb her in Kitchen. Strike a conversation with her. Talk to her. Listen to her. Every time I listen to her in person, I realize how important are these few moments, where we share in-person conversations. Being far away at places, how often do we sit and talk being oblivious of all the worries we got. Video call, Voice call. Nothing can substitute the effect of in-person conversations.  

Today, mom shared how she grew spiritually. How she learned prayer.  How she dealt through all the struggles she had when I was small. 

As I pack my bags to return to my workplace, I carry these memories to drive away from the loneliness. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

Travel Diaries- Confirmation Bias.

I returned to my hometown during holidays. On a work I travelled to Tirupati. To reach my destination, "PS4 Restaurant" I asked a auto guy.  

"Do sou rupiya" he told.

I haven't spoken a word in Hindi. Neither I spoke in Telugu. Why did he confirm me as Hindi guy. I thought. 

"Hundred." I told him in English.

"Woh restaurant 9 km door hai." He explained me again in Hindi. 

"200 anta. Veldhama vadha," I asked my sister. He was surprised to see me speaking Telugu. I was surprised to see him being surprised by shattering his notion that I am non- telugu guy.

"Why did you speak to me in Hindi," I asked.

Neeru adagadamlo tadabaduthunte bayata vaalu anukuna. You're stuttering a bit before asking me, so I assumed you're an outsider.

Bayatonne kaani Hindi e matlade bayatonni kaadhu. Outsider I'm but not someone who speaks Hindi, I explained. 

We reached restaurant and this hotel guy speaks to me in English.  Don't  I look like a Telugu person in least percentage???

Tirupati Zoo Visit

Akhila and I visited Tirupati for her exam. I had 4-5 hours of time to spend in Tirupati. I walked into the Zoo for a stroll. Unlike the past week's weather, it was sunny and I walked a long distance enjoying nature. 

A lot of birds, animals were put in cages. I saw a lion, a White Tiger, a Cheetah, a bear, and a sleeping python.

The lion's roar seemed more like a cry than a roar. All the animals put in the cage were not in their good shapes to see. 

Rested for a while and continued my walk in the zoo. After four hours, the sun was too intense to bear. I returned from the zoo. 



Monday, November 16, 2020

Movie- Soorarai Pottru

 It's a fact that a book will always be better than a movie because of the medium and its limitations. I got to know that this movie is made based on the book, "Simply Fly."  This movie triggered me to pick the book. Added to the TBR list. Kudos to the whole movie team for bringing out such amazing stories. 

The movie is heavily fictionalized for cinematic purposes. Aparna Balamurali and Surya were commendable at their acting. Well done. Loved the background score. The score at emotional scenes is good. 

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Poetry- Threads of Smoke

Threads of smoke fumed through her head
Colors of dew draped  her skin
Blades of grass caressed her 
And she laid still,
Set to get dressed in the shroud.

Notes on Behavior

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Evolutions of Technology 2.0

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there'd be evolution of technology 2.0

Pre pandemic, I was optimistic that we'd think or value more of in-person conversations. No doubt that we value now but, we'd be more inclined to virtual discussions from now on.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Cycling Diaries- Evening ride

This time, I wanted to ride for thirty km. The cloudy weather didn't let the harsh sun peek out and shine.  It's a delight to see the vast lands teemed with the clouds.  I managed to click a few pics during the beginning of the ride. 

After riding for five km, I tried to maintain an average speed of 20 km/hr.  I contended the long deserted roads. But, Alas, I had two lorries trying to overtake each other and didn't leave any space on the road. Not even the slightest at the side. I had to get off the road and wait till they crossed me.  

I rode for fifteen km and then I reached the outskirts of the city on the outer ring road, a few more km, I'd be on my way to Tirupati. I took a U-turn and covered the distance.  Within Eighty-four minutes, I covered thirty km. Finished thirty km ride and reached home. It drizzled. I was at the right time. Saved myself from a rainy ride.

Meet the tinkerer

I went to various cycle shops to check on my gear cycle. There's this guy who repairs gear cycles well. Go there. People suggested and I cycled 10 KM to reach his shop. I showed my cycle to him.  "Come after an hour." said the guy. "By the time I go home and return here, it'll be an hour. I'll stay here only." I answered.

Curious about his work, I stayed and observed. 

He got the cycle on stands, took out a beedi. Smoked it well and puffed it out. Holding the brakes, gear wires, he observed checking everything. He oiled it and began his work. 

"Sahaaana Swaase veecheno," he hummed the song, throughout the work. 

There's a huge difference between competence and performance. I may have learned gear mechanisms but, I cannot tinker with the gears for efficiency. A keen observer, he adjusted the brakes, fitted everything for a smooth ride.

Thanks, man for the service!


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Notes- Introduction to Psychology

Learning through this course, Introduction to Psychology, there's a lot of effects to know. 

 The Lake Wobegon Effect

The self-serving bias

Positives are result of self-selves. Negatives are result of external  factors. 

Cognitive dissonance theory- 

Attribution Theory- We intuitively attribute other's actions to personality characteristics.

Person bias- 

Reasons for liking others- Familiarity

Matthew Effect- 

The power of first impressions- Kelley Effect

Pygmalion Effect- 

Monday, November 9, 2020

Couplet- A walk

I brought a cloud of candies to her door.

Asked, “Will you come with me till the shore.”

Excerpt- How Children Learn- John Holt

 How much people can learn at any moment depends on how they feel at that moment about the task and their ability to do the task.  When we feel powerful and competent, we learn at difficult tasks. the difficulty does not discourage us, we think, 'sooner or later, I'm going to get this.' At other times, we can only think, 'i'll never get this, it's too hard for me. I never was any good at this kind of thing, why do I have to do it"

Part of the art of teaching is being able to sense which of these mood learners are in. People can go from one mood to the other very quickly. 

The real point of the story is that the best game with little children flows easily and naturally from the situation of the moment. 

Movie- Neevevero

A blind chef falls in love with a woman who walks into his restaurant.  Suddenly, she disappears and his quest for his love is what we need to see on the screen. A thriller. It's a delight to see Tapsee in a  challenging role. 

This movie reminded me of the Tinder Murder Story. What is the 'right' thing for them?  How do they find it 'right'? This movie is entertaining, unlike the above-mentioned story.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Why e-learning is killing education | Aaron Barth | TEDxKitchenerED

In the MNCs, I worked, they have a whole department that ensures to work on employee capacity building. They got virtual lessons, with drag and drops, quizzes, and avatars. I got reminded of those sessions I went through. Not a learning experience though. 

Aaron compares e-learning and the learning, he suggested. He emphasizes stories. 

"We need to start telling human stories. It's not gonna be easy. It'll be worth it if we can get back to telling human stories again, we can get back to where we all got into Education in the first place. Let's start telling stories again."

Stories from Sirohi- Beware! Bus Mafia

 I got out of Ahmedabad Railway Station opting to take bus to government bus to Sirohi. 

Ruck sack’s weight outweighed of all the bags I carried. Desperate to reach to Sirohi,  I looked for an auto to reach bus stand. Turning my wishes into reality, auto guy appeared out of the blue. 

‘Where do you have to go?’ asked the auto guy. Afraid of being duped, I was not ready to go. I was told by the auto person that the bus station is near by. Not in a mood to search on phone, I trusted the guy who said, it’s near by. I haggled the fare and got on to the auto. We moved out of railway station and through narrow lanes, we reached a place where everything is silent other than the travels place. We reached travels office. Private buses. ‘I asked for government busstation.’ I told the auto guy. You get Sirohi buses here.’Replied the auto guy suggesting me to take private buses.  

 I hesitated to go but the wish to reach the home before evening tempted me to opt for the private bus. 

‘Is there a bus to Sirohi’ I asked. ‘How many people?’ he asked showing one finger indicating the number of people. 

‘One person’ I confirmed.  

He phoned and murmurred about Sirohi and talked about the bus at 2.30

It’s 2.10 and I was excited to get on to bus and dance at home for reaching early. 

Pay 550, he said. ‘Is it AC?,’I asked. 

‘No.’He retorted. 

‘It’s okay. I’m going early’ I beamed a smile. 

‘He’ll drop you. Go back and sit in auto,’he instructed. Different counter. Different bus places. I was pondering. The auto guy dropped me at another travels. ‘Show the ticket here’ the auto guy said and asked to take out the luggage. ‘Where is the bus?’ I asked. 

‘It comes. It’s at 3.30’ he said and got into the work. 

"3.30?” The hour delay anger was subsided by the 550 rs I paid earlier to this traveler’s guy. Ridiculous refund policies and lack of time management reminded me of my 550rs. 

I was told 2.30 how is the bus arriving at 3.30 I asked. 'The bus is at 3.30 I do not what you heard.' He retorted.. Already 550 in his pocket I was not understanding what to decide on. I decided to wait for one more. I was okay with 3.30. 

I waited. Waited. And at 3.30 another auto came in and asked to come up with luggage. This time, I saw myself in the bus within few minutes. 

I got onto the bus and was taken to another travels. What’s happening? I don’t want to sit in another travels I decided. Just show the ticket here. Said the auto guy. What’s all these travels showing ticket business. I got frustrated. 

I was taken to the place it all started the RTO circle. 

The show is not over. We were taken to the bus and it’s 4’O clock. When do you start the bus? I was fuming. ‘4.30’ the driver said. And there’s no one who left us. 3 people are left alone who were sold tickets at different prices. Dynamic pricing or what!

Let me atleast settle in the bus I thought. It’s such a bus that I’d never pay 550 for such inconvenient bus. 

I waited and atlast it was 5 and I finally gave it out and entered the bus and sat. 

Wasted solid 3 hours in the conundrum of buses and also, got exploited by many people. 

What is it, I said to myself and decided not to give out to the local agents without asking 1001 questions. 

And finally the bus started at 7.00 PM. Never getting into these private buses without enquiring further. 

Movie- Oh My Kadavule

 Funny. Romantic. Ritika is cute in the movie. Loved it.


Sunday, November 1, 2020

Movie- Naal

A movie that explores the relations between a mother and a son.

The protagonist of the movie, Chaitya lives in a village far away from the urban hustle.  The kid has to cross the river, take a bus and then a train to visit his Grandma's village. He travels a long way to attend school. Living in such a rural place, the kid spends his time playing with other kids, listening to stories from his Grandma. A usual happy life. Only until his uncle enters into the story.  

His uncle shares a secret that changes all the dynamics of relations. Should watch the movie to know the rest of the story. 

The kid(Shrinivas Pokale) is a huge surprise. His acting and the way he brought out the complicated expressions is unbelievable. The whole cast did their work well. Brilliant casting as well as acting by all of them. 

Without any songs, the background score has done its brilliant work evoking emotions through its score. 

I loved the way the shots were framed. Most of the shots were trailing the characters and that triggered me to think from their perspective. Did the shots triggered me to empathize with characters, I don't know.

**********Spoilers ahead!****

The story gave out various dimensions regarding motherhood. Why did his mom ignore him? Is it respect for another mother to disregard his own son as she gave up on him? What's she going through when she gave up her son. The kid is disappointed all throughout. All his attempts to reach his mom shows how he badly wanted her attention. It's surprising to see how his mom does not acknowledge him. 

Thoughts- Friends and Conversations

I never had to put a lot of efforts to catch up with friends. I'm glad I've decided to put efforts to reach out and not get disappoi...