Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My friend, Shreya's blog. The Twilight Tales

I take immense pleasure in encouraging my friends and others to write. For the sheer happiness and peace and betterment in life, I suggest people to write.

Once, I was told by a friend that, "writing lets you organize your thoughts well."

I believe in it and help myself by organizing my thoughts every time.

I write to record, recite and recall the whole experience of my life in words.

On a fine day, Shreya called me up and said how she wishes to express her emotions and experiences before she could fail to record them in any way.

All I could suggest her was to write.

Problem with writing is, you feel to write but you never write. Most of us  think about writing but never sit to write for the fear of being corrected, imitated, and what not!

Pushing all those inhibitions aside, Shreya started writing blog sharing what's inside her mind, sharing what she wants to share.

I'm glad she not only felt to write but also she started writing. I wish her all goodness in life for she started a hobby which makes her life better for her good.

Here's the link of her blog. Check it out.

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