Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Thoughts- Do not say, 'FUCK 2020'

Do not say, ‘FUCK 2020’

Reasons why you should not hate '2020.’

1.  Unprecedented rain, cyclones and change in weather patterns.

Watch a documentary, ‘Six degrees can change the world.’  In simple terms, It is about Global warming.  We studied in our schools, colleges but, not for once, we visualized what people were mentioning since long time. If visualized, we did not accept what we were dealing with. We were ignorant. We were informed about it but, we never accepted what we were dealing with.

2. Pandemics.

   Throughout the history, we dealt with various diseases. SARS, MERS, Ebola, dengue, Zika, Nipah. Thanks to our globalization and the mutations of the viruses and our close interaction with the species, from outbreaks to epidemics to pandemics. We had it now.

“We have never seen this in our lives!” said few of my friends.

That does not give us license to react in anger as we were ignorant of what is happening around us.

In past, Kerala had to deal with Nipah virus. The other side of the India was never empathetic about what was happening in Kerala. Let’s accept that we were apathetic. Our empathy and sympathy are controlled by, hashtag trends and the level of content that’s streamed on social media.

 From cyclones to pandemics, there is a huge ecological imbalance that is causing what’s happening right now.
 But, once in every few months, we talk about global warming, "ban single plastic" "injustice," "brutal government," 'how are we ignorant on these things?' one can say. 
 We are vocal about the issues, limiting it our social media stories and posts rather than detailed deep understanding of what we are discussing.

Overwhelming of disinformation and lack of knowledge on cause and effects, we are caught off guard.

 No prizes for being surprised. Accept that we were ignorant.

Start reading books rather than facts that we get from social media. Let us educate ourselves, unlike how it’s done in institutions. 
Billgates talked about this. Hans Rosling talked about it. All the scientists talked about it. We were the one who never bothered to listen to them. If not, the educated, socially-conscious-over-the-tea-table people do not put efforts to listen, whom do we expect to listen?

Hatred & Riots.
The incidents are the triggers that reminds us of our apathy, ego, power, lack of humility and oppression.  Every day, in a lot of places, there's violence. All the incidents that are happening are the triggers that are reflecting our lives, values and belief system.

Listen to thinkers, researchers, rather than the celebrities who are pressurized by the PRs, to post ‘social’ stuff on social media. 
Please think twice before you blurt out, ‘Hate 2020’
Let’s accept that we were ignorant, and we did not educate ourselves on the stuff that we thump our chests on social media.

 ‘It’s a reaction. Don’t take it literally’ screamed few of my friends.
Well, our choice of words and the reactions is not doing any good on social media. The attitude of blaming the world, year, or any other thing other than our ignorance is lethal to our lives.
Hope we accept the situation, experience the grief rather than hate anything but, our ignorance.


  1. It is true that we are educated fools, knowing that what will be our result if we play the game of destruction along with nature, we have not stopped our antics and now our reward is visible to us.

  2. True Anuradha Ji, It's time we need to redefine development and educate ourselves holistically.

  3. Bro you forgot about the the plight of migrant workers,and difference shown by govt for the haves and have-nots.


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