Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Krishna Trilok's interview on A.R.Rahman's Biography

This is my dream job. To walk along with the person whom I looked up to. To know more about him in person. To see him bit near, walking his walk and learning his talk. I'm excited to read this biography now.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Gratitude Tales

I’m grateful to Robert Kanigel for his writings. In the class of 9 & 10, I see Ramunjan on my math textbook cover every day. Coincidentally, I also had Ramujam sir as our math Teacher in my 9th Standard. Not much into the math, he taught but, my sir developed a curiosity in me to know him.
His intensity and excitement he shares while explaining few axioms and formulae surprised me.  I wondered what it is to love math and live for it. I was assuming how Ramanujan was living for math for his whole life.

Recalling the life of Ramanujan, through famous 7397, James Hardy, and many such stories, I was affined to choose to read the book, “The Man who knew Infinity” by Robert Kanigel.

I’m grateful to Swathi for gifting that book. Never expected it. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

TEDxYouth@Hyderabad. Behind the X

Shades of tomorrow.
The optimism is what puts the world on the move, making dreams possible, wishes real and at the most, making the world a better place.
The whole youth team, with a lot of optimism, energy, ventured to brainstorm ideas, plans. And they did it right.
As the event ended with lots of energy, it never seemed like an ending to me. Everyone was appreciating the effort of the team. Everyone was congratulating the whole team. It took me a bit time to realise that it ended.
Every Friday, way before the whole team arrives, these chaps show up huddling, discussing whatever has been executed and what else is left to be executed.
Ridheiy, the young and sweet organiser I know, walks along with the team, asking for their opinions. “Your opinions really matter to me,” says Ridheiy going through the whole list of ideas, plans and actions.
Though, haven’t got much time to interact with everyone, spent whatever little time, I had with all the chaps.  Cool Suhas who inevitably makes me laugh with his questions and his conversations.  Opposite to him, though she doesn’t make me laugh, she catches me laughing all the time, Hamsa, quite an observer and as well as a writer.
Then there are Sanskriti, Kashish who looks like a great duo, doing things in their own style. And then, Shreya who patiently nods for everything Ridheiy says and suggests whatever is in her mind, in a quiet tone.
Of all, there’s another teammate, Aarush who seemed to be silent during the event, at least to me!
This team did a commendable work giving a great experience to all the people who attended with lots of expectations.
No event is called as an event if it goes without glitches.
Few plans worked, few plans didn’t work but the way this team perceived things and acted along to put the best experience is inspiring to me.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Digital detox tales

The phone is not the first thing I see, soon after I wake up. To look at the time and for alarm, I have a watch piece.
To listen to music or not,  is the one decision which I’ve to take every early morning. Before I decide, I jot down the dreams I every day have. I drink a lot of water, go for a stroll. Soon after I’m out of the drowsy mood, I write the 3-morning pages and then start my day.
Without using the phone as I reach the bed at night, I’m waking up with a clear mind and I feel energetic, rather than being anxious about everything as I gorge on all the notifications.

Aphorisms are not Poetry

Aphorisms are not poetry. Period.
We’re mistaken, segregating what we write and what we call. I wonder if we ever think of what we want to write and what’s being called.
Many want to write aphorisms and they say, “I want to write poems.”
One can name or create their own meaning. But, if we call, what we’re calling out of ignorance, It’s time we learn a bit about what we’re into.
It’s sad that people who write a lot don’t read because they say, ‘reading is not my thing.’ And they expect people to read their stuff. Amazing!!

Thoughts- Friends and Conversations

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