Saturday, June 6, 2020

Basic numeracy and literacy

Few of my friends, who started working in social sector,  were surprised to see the efforts of ngo giants  working on foundation literacy and numeracy. “They are capable of working at policy and advocacy level,” exclaimed one friend.

The need of the foundation literacy and numeracy and the perspectives in the society.

In a  society, the demand decides the value of the labour and the work. If the demand is high and the wages are high, the work is considered as the work that people aspire to do. Cruising through globalization, everyone of us strive to be at the place where we get comforts, money and thus, we derive happiness from these both.

Aspiring to be at the best place is no crime but condescending other's works is. In the system of various jobs, we consider ‘teacher’ as someone who failed at everything and by the end, is teaching.

Like, we have, ‘developer’ and ‘support’ in coding world, the amount of respect we give to teachers depend on what medium of school they teach in. ‘Regional medium’ schools are ‘support role’ in the education world. And comes the institutions. The international schools gets a different respect. The private school teacher is seen upon with various judgements. ‘Government school teacher’ is lauded for the kind of test the person cracks and avails a government job.

 With such attitude towards jobs and roles, we have hierarchy that is sabotaging our education at whole. The primary school teacher should always be someone who is new and learning to teach. As you acquire experience, you are eligible to teach the higher school children. Why always new teachers for primary, because, teaching children is easy na? All you got do is teach ABC, and 123. Basic literacy and numeracy.

That is the attitude we got with all our adults. Sadly, all these adults are the people who are going to parent in near future and stress out children putting crazy ambitions without realizing what’s education at first point.

“You can impact at great extent, why do you have to work in the field of foundation literacy and numeracy?”

Once, we understand the importance of foundation literacy and numeracy, we'll start to respect the decision the organisatins have taken. Respect gives us no solutions to the problems. We need to act on the problems. We can incentivize the teachers who work at primary with all the motivation we are trying to give in other roles. If we get the best teachers to work with primary but, not the new teachers, we give out the message to society that we value our children and the future

His words, pushed me to quit my job and try out the education.

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