Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The art of recieving.

To give is to celebrate the happiness which receivers share when one gives.

Give love, empathy, goodness, book and anything worthy which makes life better.

After receiving a gift from Ved, who's very good junior of mine. I realized how important is, to receive well rather than how important to give.

As Ved and I discuss many things when we meet, I told how I loved the last book I read. Listening to it, he quickly paused me and said, "You reminded me for a good reason. I have something for you,' and gave a book.

The Motorcycle Diaries.

He returned with this book saying, "Bro, you'll like it."

All I could do at that time was to smile. I don't know If I received it well.

Many say, 'Giving is good and difficult' but, receiving is far more   difficult and important.

I couldn't express how I loved the gesture of gifting the book to me. I didn't know how to thank.

All I could do was smile, laugh and say Ved, 'Thanks a lot.'

I wish, I expressed him how I loved the book and also his efforts to gift me

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