Sunday, April 14, 2024

Universe of Music- A R Rahman

 He's always evolving and emptying his cup. Grateful to have him and be a life long learner. 

Friday, March 29, 2024

Travel tales- The Last minute Preparation

Planning to travel is a very intense task as it takes a lot of energy to move. Wherever I live in a certain place, I call it a home. And leaving the home for certain time drained me a lot in the past as I've to change the routine once in 3 weeks. As I got ready to travel again for long time, I got reminded of the days when I clean my house before I leave. I used to wonder whom am I cleaning the home for. When I leave, I clean the home and return after two to three weeks. As there'd be people who clean the space I used to live for three weeks, I get used and I don't clean the home. The moment I had to leave, I realise that no one would clean the space and I have to clean it by myself and I hurry to clean it. 

The pattern just got repeated. I cleaned it and got late to bed and rushed to the airport. Hope I change the pattern soon. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

TED Talk- Who owns the folk music by Shilpa Mudbi

 After a long time, I got a chance to watch a full length TED talk and thoroughyl enjoyed it. 

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Geneva Journals- The Migros Concert

 Ever since I began to attend the concert, I always planned to attend the concert organised by Migros. This is the second orchestra, I'm listening to. I like the conductor who has his pecuiliarities. He had a drum by his side and gave a rhythm at times. Loved it.  After the performance, a orchestra full of cellosist behind the flautist and people with Japanese drums and opera singers walked in. It was a fabulous 2 hour performance. Soon after the performance, the whole hall was silent for a minute. I felt the power of silence then. People were in trance as they were immersed in the performance. Enjoyed it well. Great day. 

Empty Spaces- Flow-Day 3

As I drafted the message and shared it across,  a couple of friends walked into exhibiton and shared their response. Grusha & Anirudha shared as they checked out the exhibition.  Shabon and his friends joined and appreciated my efforts. They helped me in placing the posters in right way. As I headed to the class and got back, found few friends. One of the persons whom I shared my art class with shared that he love the pieces. At the end of day, walked along with Tanya and shared a conversation.

I learnt that my art is out there and doing it's job. I may not be there in person but, my art is evoking someone who pass by and interact with it. Do I need to know what emotions is my art evoking? Do I need to know if my art found it's purpose? Do I need to know how it's affecting? I do not know. Also, I wanted to write an introduction for myself and struggled a bit. 

I realised that to hardest part is to tell about yourself. The more aware of who you are, the better you articulate yourself. 

Here's the introduction I wrote-


Abhinay Renny currently lives in Geneva, pursuing master’s in international development studies at Graduate Institute, Geneva. He authored 4 books- 2 novels, ‘In between the bridge’, ‘Rainy Summer’, 2 books of poetry- “The Wordless Conversation,” “Colourless” & got poems published in a few international anthologies. Along with it, he had Art exhibition at Bangalore & Jaipur in India.

In the past 6 years, he worked in IT Industry as well as social organisation. Curious to perceive the world, not in silos, he began his journey to Geneva to explore the themes he’s passionate about- Education, Technology, Environment & Art- its effect on humanity. 

Staying in the questions- ‘What it takes to trust others?’ & ‘What it takes to say- ‘I don’t know’ Abhinay Renny has taken up hitchhiking in India, trusting strangers and seeking help from them and striking conversations with them. 

Continuing to trust people around him, share a space with others, he has decided to put his art for sale. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Song of the Day- Mawh

 S shared the song that I enjoyed listening. This time, it's an acoustic version. Thanks S. Enjoyed listening to it.

Art- Empty Spaces- Flow- Day2

We didn't have empty space to host the empty space art exhibtion. I wanted to keep the space empty on the first day. However, it was not empty at all. I had to wait till things are removed and I walked at 10 am, prepared to set the exhibition up. I got reminded of all the friends who were there during this journey. In Jaipur I had the whole gang who were there through out and supported me. In my first exhibition in Geneva, Ann and her friend joined to help me out. This time, I went alone carrying all the paintings, taking my own time to process the changes in life. 

As I began to set it up, I fumbled with the orientation and height. I walked here and there. I kept moving around watching the empty space. Playing Aadujeevitham songs, I organised the art within 2 hours. I placed it on the ground to see how it looks and it took me a lot of time to set it up. 

Sanjna walked in and loved the canvases more than the postards. She offered orange. So thoughtful of her. I was working continuously without taking a break. It was indeed a needed. Later, Puru walked in and was amazed by the size. Happy to see the reactions. A few others passed by and felt that I'm insane by producing the huge amount of work. I do not paint when I'm free. I make myself free to paint. After few errands, I continued setting it up catching up with Jaya. 

As I began to bring it on the wall, people began to stop by and wondered what this is all about. Anthony walked in and appreciated my effort. Others were curious of it. Adhira joined me in the evening and within few minutes, she showed me the way to stick the post cards in smart way. Smart lawyer pondered on her life decisions but, I'm confident she'd figure out soon and celebrate her life. 

As the golden hour passed, everyone left the space and I got a chance to catch up with myself and the emptyspaces. Shruti joined me and suggested a few changes as I set up the canvases. It indeed came out really well. I'm so happy with how the the exhibition is turning up. A long day. Time to celebrate the hard work. 

Art- Empty Spaces- Flow

 Empty Spaces- Flow. Happy to share this and flow through the journey. 

Monday, March 18, 2024

Art- Empty Spaces-Flow

The abstract of the exhibition is out.

Holidays with Harry- Take it to it's full potential

Contemplating on the exhibition and the pursuit of art, I called up Harry and shared a word. 

"Sir, I have my art exhibition is coming up. For a month. And I'm exhibiting a lot of work. I'm anxious about it." I said. 

"Congratulations. The longer the better, the more the better."

"How did you handle your big days- book launches sir?" I posed another question. 

"What theme are you working on? asked Harry

"Empty Spaces- more about migration."

"That's nice. Look at your art through your theme and see it's full potential. What do you wanna to take the idea forward. Once you intend to see it's full potential, your conversations, your presence, your approach with the art reflects the same. There's no mistake if you shout from the rooftop, there's no mistake if you don't shout from the rooftop. Just try to see it's full potential."

"I'm scared of my intense conviction to paint more and write more."

"The more the better again. It's nice you've the urge to express, you don't need to suppress it."

After the conversation, I stayed with these thoughts and it helped- Seeing the work to it's full potential. Being comfortable in expressing yourself more through art is always okay. 

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Geneva Journals- La Farce Haul

 La Farce has helped me to get a good routine. As I got into LaFarce, every thursday, a few hours are dedicated to grocery shopping and book shopping. As ever, I went to the library and picked few books, picked veggies, had a crepe and joined Jyot. Most of the times, I run into Nadeen at random places. I ran into her at LaFarce as well. 

Did a few Lidl errands with Jyot. After a real long time, caught up with her. Had a great time catching up with her and sharing what's happening in each other lives.

Art- El Adaptor

A very interesting play. An old man and a young woman in tradition french dress walks around, bring props on their own, chaning lights on their own and adding music on their own. Everything is part of play and everything is a play. For a strange reason, I didn't understand the language but got affected by it very intensely. I related the play mostly with oppression, patriarchy. 

Geneva Journals- The Thank You Lunch by Student Services team

Eliane has hosted a lunch for our contribution at Wellbeing week. It was attended by the welfare committee presidents, facilitators & performers. Over lunch, we talked about language, social sciences, engineers and a lot more. As ever, I was the last one to finish the food while others finished their lunch and heard my random tales patiently. It was a lot of fun to catch up with everyone over sumptuous full buffet. Thanks Eliane for the treat. Had a great time catching up over the food. Wishing each other a nice weekend, S and I walked towards GM, sharing stories and some tales. Good day. 

Friday, March 15, 2024

Art- Empty Spaces- Flow

The posters and pictures are here. Work for  the exhibition has begun. I have a bittersweet feeling as the exhibition commences. Anxious about how this is gonna be, excited for this month long exhibition and also worried if I can pull this off. A lot of emotions as I flow through the empty spaces.  It's time I tell myself, "Trust the process and flow through!"

 Thanks Shruti from Fab for the posters. 

Movie - 12th Fail

This movie has garnered a lot of attention and buzz amongst the movie goers. I was suggested to watch this movie when I was in India. I procrastinated it as long as I could and finally I watched it today. I have a lot running in my mind as I watched the movie. 

Vikrant Massey played the protagonist role and it's impressive. A story of a young boy from a small village, aspires to be honest and become an IPS officer, travels out of home and his success journey is the story. 

As I watched this movie, I could think of all my friends who aspired to crack UPSC.  Whenever I heard from others, UPSC has always been the feather to showcase the caliber and I never bought the story. Achieving something to showcase our worth was something that I always ran away from. Am I running away because I'm not capable to compete was one thought I always had to nudge with. Whenever there was a point to prove my worth to deserve respect, I always walked away from it. UPSC was always one. 

Until 24 years, I thought, I can try to attempt for UPSC exam to appease my parents but, I learnt that I was sure of what I don't want to do and never followed the path. But, at the end, the protagonist mentions how his intention is to reform the country by being a change agent rather than attain a position. In the act of service, one can find their purpose- I contemplated. Enjoyed watching this. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Music- Shilpa Mudbi's rendition at Engineer's Pick


What an energy! I got reminded of the time, I attended Shilpa's session. Loved this storytelling piece. 

Monday, March 11, 2024

In dialogue with Brindusa Burrows

Ever since I attended the lecture of Brindusa's I was inspired by her work and her words. I am lucky to attend a few of her classes on Global issues & perspectives & political languages of art. 

I was able to catch up post workshop. After a long workshop, she agreed to listen to me and share a word. I shared my idea of empty spaces and how her lecture inspired me to shape my work in the way it is now. The way I looked at my art and explored my art work through an art manifesto. It helped me to look at myself and my art work in a different perspective. Brindusa shared few thoughts on how history has been passed through several mediums and how art is great gateway to perceive the world. The idea of perceiving the other world and the world we live in and sense the connectedness all through out. 

After looking at my work, she wanted to purchase one of my works. It was a special moment to sign my initials, mark the date and present it to her. I got reminded of my first autograph on my novel.  A moment that I'd cherish all my life. Thanks Brindusa for inspiring me by your words and works. Very grateful for your time and words.

Art- Empty Spaces- Flow

After traveling with the theme of Empty Spaces, I've come up with this abstract for my upcoming show. 

Empty Spaces- Flow

In the dichotomy of emptiness and fullness, we move around the world, filling
ourselves & the space with the places we lived in, places we wish to live in and
places we leave to live in other places. Sensing spaces in our own ways, what do we
carry along with us?

Living in different places and leaving people, memories, emotions behind, I walked
on the colorful rope of grief and gratitude. Grieving for the loss and being grateful for
the abundance.

Living with what we carry, I pondered on what do we bring to a space and how do we
affect it and how do we let it affect us?

In the constant flow of emptying, filling ourselves and spaces with memories,
emotions, rational thoughts, do we seek meaning out of the movement or do we
create a meaning to the movement?

At times, the lines are the borders that divides and derives the fullness of emptiness.
At moments, the lines are also the journeys humans and spaces flow through.
At times, the colors are the spaces that hold emotions. At moments, the colors are
the spaces that convey the emotions.

As there’s flow, how does space affect forced migration & forced migration affects
spaces, humans, who are the cause and the effect of it.

What’s full in an empty space?

What flows in an empty space?

Geneva Journals- The Eventful Sunday

Exploring and visiting different church Organs has become favourite past time. I visted the Holy Trinity Church that's built in 1853. The bus stop infront of the church never inspired to walk in and explore the place. However, I decided to check it out. I found the place calm and got amused by the paintings on the glass. The art work seemed to be inspired of cubism. 

After spending some time, I joined Snigdha, Grusha and Aniruddha for a cold dip at the lake. I always wished to take a dip but, never pushed myself. S is really good at keeping the energy high and inspiring people to push their limits. All of us got into the water and had great time taking the dip. For the first few minutes, I found it cold, later, I had a very different burning sensation, as I spent more time in cold water. My feet turned sensitive, body burning and there's exhiliration of energy. I loved it. Spent some time while S swam a bit. After the cold dip, thanks to the planning by the group, we had a piping hot tea. 

Over a long walk, we headed home and over creative Dal, Rajma made by S, coconut fish curry, Jeera rice by Grusha we shared stories and enjoyed each morsel being in the present moment. Soon after that, Snigdha and I walked to home sharing how we organise our days. S always comes up with  striking thoughts. "Structure enables creativity. It helps me to stay flexible," she shared, how organising her week helps her to have a fulfiled feeling over things she does. I got reminded of the habit I used to follow at my work- Write 7 things to do in a day according to priority. It has helped me to be more efficient at work. I realised I don't need to stick it to work. I can use it during my college days as well. Time to organise a bit. 

Soon after returning home, I rested a bit and realised I have a concert to attend. I rushed to the concert, collected my ticket and began to enjoy the performance. Attending several performances, I began to admire few musicians. I love the veteran who plays flute in Harmonie Nautique, also the conductor Eric Haegi. This time, the group collaborated with choir, Musikairos. Loved the energy. Thoroughly enjoyed the performance and was thrilled to see the group performing 3-4 additional pieces, as the crowd was not ready to leave the hall without listening to them again. Enjoyed it. Eventful sunday. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Memories- The Smiling me

I remember the shirt, I remember the pose, I need to remember this smile and smile often. 

Poetry- Blue Love.

Mirrors. Waters
what's blue that doesn't
convey love?

Headbands.Painted Stones. 
what's a wish that doesn't
convey care?

In seeing what we have
In cherishing the silence we share
Blue is the language we wear
Love is the time we share

Mirrors. Waters
Mountains.Myriad smiles.

Boutinful blessings
To senes all that we have

Geneva Journals- Yoga Session with Grusha

I never tried my hand at Yoga. I never got a chance to try it out. Whenever I think of Yoga, I get reminded of Carolyn and the way she began her journey into Yoga. As GM has a yoga session hosted by Grusha, I decided to give it a try. 

Grusha walked in, greeted and began to play Indian flute music. Giving instructions gently, she helped us to be comfortable in our body and brought awareness to our breath and the sensations in our body. 

At times, I found it difficult to follow the instructions but, it was fun. All the poses reminded me of our warm up and warm down exercises post basketball game. At times, I was totally zoned out with breathing and got startled as Grusha walked in to help me get the pose right. 

Yoga seems to be one way to get awareness into the body and release the tension from the body. Enjoyed the session. Looking forward to attend more in future. 


Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Poetry- The Spring is here

 A put out a fabulous video out on Instagram. Inspired by it, I penned down these words

The spring is here
The tree called it's lovers
One little tree
Three little birds
Finding love as they
Flicker their wings

Finding fragrance of light
Sharing their stories of longing
That they endured in their winters

The spring is here
The tree called it's lovers
One little tree
Three little birds

Witnessed the life
as human stopped by
To breathe
To pause
To live
To sense
In their own humane ways

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Poetry- The White Shoes

The White Shoes
The White bird
move across the lake
finding their rhythm
diving into the waters
dipping in their laughs and 
hiding their marks

The White shoes
The white bird
slipping through the blue waters
smiling at their own stories
moved across their path
finding their rhythm

Thoughts- Polymath Thinking

How does silo thinking helps us to be specialised however, it does not help us to work on the complex probelms. As everything is connected and I perceive the world to have more of polymaths being passionate about what drives them rather than be specialists and ignore the other streams, problems to empathise with. 

Geneva journals- Poetree

Observing trees in Geneva, I could notice that there's a lot of effort and care for the aesthetics as well as functionality of trees in the spaces we live. A lot of trees are pruned for aesthetic purposes that began in 19th century. I find it disappointing when trees are cut, pruned for aesthetic purposes. Despite the effort brings balance and design to the space, it will not let a tree grow in it's space and rhythm. To see trees being shaped in a desired shape is not helping ecologically as well as the canopy cover helps to beat the urban heat and helps us in many ways. I acknowledge the functionality of pruned trees where one need to be mindful of the tramlines, buildings and other spaces where trees could hamper the human flow. In the urge of balancing the functionality, ecological balance and aesthetics, let's not delve into extremes of cutting it out or letting it grow wild. These are few articles I found when I began to study about trees in Geneva. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Poetry- A little bit of madness

A little bit of madness
A pinch of salt
Couple of ghost stories
A few nags
A few requests
Pitter patter
Chitter chatter
A little bit of pulao
A few nags
A few jinx
A few requests
A few secrets

The girls gathered bringing laughs and smiles
onto the plates 
in which they miss their home made food and 
their familiar comfort
of the loved ones. 

Monday, February 26, 2024

Memories- Azhar and I

Azhar shared this collage that has taken me to a memory lane. A lot of journeys, conversations, silences, shayari, food and memories. Let me jot down few stories that flash up as I glance through this collage. 

1) Our trip to Kumbalgarh
2) At Jaisalmer - One of classic December trip with all the lovedones. 
3) At Mandvi - Just before we began the adventure. 
4) At Mandvi beach- I am amused by camels and always wanted to get on camel ride. 
5) At Kala Dungar- Gujarat- Sudheer offered us car and off we went on to the roads of Gujarat
6) At Sirohi, Baba Ramdev while both of us seemed to be on official visit
7) At Jaipur- Time when we caught up over lunch at Barbeque
8) During COVID times I guess
9) On our visit to Kumbalgarh, Pali 
10) In one of Rajasthan's greenery places
11) At Ranakpur temple
12) 2022 picture, not sure of the location. 

At the end of the day, when you have time, did you make it count or not? We're glad we made it count and got a lot of memories. Thanks Azhar for sharing this. Loved walking down the memory lane. 

Geneva Journals- The Geneva Sundays

There are days where I'm stuck in my own small room and don't dare to step out and then there are times where I'm mostly outdoors walking in random streets and watching the crowd as they pass by. This sunday, I decided to walk out and took a 5 to walk into the familiar place, Place de Neuve. Attended a concert and walked around the park, the longest bench, called up few friends and walked into the old town. Strolling through the old town, I walked across Bel air and reached Cornivan. 

All across the walk, I could sense the place with a lot of memories and words exchanged with friends. Also, the water is almost present everywhere and it has a calming effect throughout. I walked to the shawarma place, ordered one for me. Enjoyed the meal and walked again. 

This time, I walked to the cafe, picking an english book and sat, reading it for 10-20 minutes. I badly wanted to finish the book but also wanted to go home. I read couple of chapters, headed to the bus stop and reached home. 

These are the days, where I feel, I'm treating myself well by doing what I love and listening to my body. Good day. 

Geneva Journals- Jurg Frey Mobilite et mouvement

As usual, got the ticket and entered the hall and to my surprise, there was an installation on the stage. I got very excited to see the lighting and aesthetics of the stage and walked to the front seats to get a good view. Placed in an semi oval shape, the empty chairs and us, the audience were waiting for the show to be started. 

I was elated and curious to witness this performance. Contrechamps is an ensemble which is into experimental music, interested in collaboration with varied artists. I witnessed this ensemble's performance at Nuit electroacoustique and was thrilled at it. Composed by Jurg Frey, the one hour music concert was uplifting. 

I closed my eyes for sometime and got immersed in music. There's a lot of silence and fragility in the piece and also there's clear space for different instruments leaving us to ponder on the rhythm. Adding to this, there was an installation by Catherine Bolle that seemed to be sensuous and airy. 

I enjoyed watching my favourite violinist, the old chap and a celloist, who is very keen to observe the instructions of the conductor. Every musician seemed very distinct in their performance and behaviour. I wonder what it takes to concentrate and perform at these kinda concerts, as there were some noisy sounds- baby cry, dropping phone, a few sneezes and coughs, from the audience. 

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Thank you S

This is a miniature version of Jaapi presented to me by S. While he was in his hometown, he bought this and offered me, inviting me to visit his place and try out the real Jaapi. I'm grateful to receive this. There's intricate skills in these weaving hats made out of bamboo and palm leaves. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Geneva Journals- The Journals

Geneva journals. These are the journals I wrote so far till January 2024. I arrived to Geneva in August 2023. Since then, I began to write and it always helped me. As I kepty writing, a lot of life events occured and I continued reflecting on them. I'm so happy that I could put my thoughts in writing as well. 

Art Stories

Geneva Journals- The Open Studio

Poetry- Blue Smile

Where does the blue begin?
Where does the smile end?

Where does the white wander?
Where does the worry wither either?

Where does the green grieve?
Where does the tree ponder either?

It's the blue, I say, I find in people's eyes and the ways they live and leave.

It's the white which pushes me to sleep through the voidness

It's the green that helps me look into grief in its lush abundant light stored in its womb and in it's veins.

Poetry- The Dead Word

The word is as dead as it is until it's read by the act of a reader. The expression of emotion is as dead as it is until it's expressed in a word, line, poem, colour, form, metaphor, smile, sigh and laugh.

How beautiful and underrated is the act of listening to an expression. The act of listening to the chaos in the melody, melody in the silence, silence in the loud screams.

Monday, February 12, 2024

Poetry- Measuring time through memories

Friend shared a thought on how time is measured through memories and how the friend remembers the happy memories vividly and do not remember anything when the time was bit depressing. I wrote this piece, trailing with the thought- we measure time through memories. 

Musing on the thought that we measure time through memories.

I contemplated on how memories are influenced by attention and intention.
I wondered how a man with seven second memory talked of memories and music.

Attentive or intentional, the body keeps memories that we like, dislike, accept, reject until we feel the feelings that arrive like clouds in the sky, I felt.

The act of being attentive to life and moments, am I treasuring up more memories?
Treasuring up more memories, am I feeling all the feelings I got?

I walked down the memory highway and measured time, it was cold, cozy, painful, dawn, dusk, ecstatic, warm, weary, worrisome, blue morning, twilight, tiring, tornado like, hot, heavy, heartful, teary, spring, sulking, monsoon, GMT and all that's perceived through my attention and intention.

It's time, I better measure up my laugh and laugh.

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Friends- Alvida Chandu

During my college orientation, the first person I noticed was Chandu. Tall, handsome, full of smiles, was playing some funny sounds on phone and was giggling as it was retorting to the boring speech of the day. I remember his smile very well. Chandu got into automobile engineering and myself in mechanical engineering. Both the branches shared same building and also both of us were hostlers. I remember spending some fondful memories in my first year. My birthday in B6 and conversations at B11- a happening place for Chandu, iragam, swapnil and other friends. Chandu is into gaming and we often ran into each other in hostel and hung out casually, sharing stories. As the boys moved to Bowrampet and Rahul used to hang out with them the most, thanks to gaming, we caught up with them now and then in college, at Bowrampet Villa and other parties. 

I always found Chandu to live in the moment and also acts more than contemplating on what to do. He got into many ventures and did a lot. Will miss his smile, will miss his presence. Keep smiling Chandu wherever you are. 

Friday, February 9, 2024

Geneva Journals- La Farce Haul

This time, Argha, Shivam accompanied me to La Farce. Over a walk and discussion on courses, we reached the place, picked our veggies, headed to Lidl, bought our own poisons- Argha, Shivam a coffee, and I got my orange juice. Munching the croissants with our favorite beverages, we enjoyed the cloudy evening with the company of pigeons. 

I cherish these weekly errands. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Geneva Journals- The Flowers and Birds Recital

Athene bus stop brings up a lot of memories. Everytime, I pass it, I think of the times, I spent there waiting for the bus and also think of waiting as metaphor in life and muse in my own world. This time, I walked across the bus stop into Athene hall. Got wished by the receptionist, collected the schedule and songs lyrics. 

Before the show began, a french gentleman walked in and narrated a lot about the poetry and the times it was written. I didn't understand a word but got amused by the way french language sounds. Soon after the intro, pianist Martin Surot walked in black suit and to perform suprano, arrived Louledjian in a dazzling red gown, with purple flower in her hair, to recite poetry on Flowers and birds. There were few poems I enjoyed listening. Le Coquelicot, La marjolaine et la verveine, La fleur d'oranger.

Enjoyed the evening and got impressed by the attentive audience. At the end, they kept clapping, getting performers on the stage thrice to perform once more. A good way to end the winters. 

Movie- We are the World

As I spotted a cover of We are the World sung by friend, I enjoyed it and forgot about it. As I was browsing Netflix, I could spot a documentary on how the song got ideated, written, sung and spread through the world. Activist Harry Belanfonte wished to do something on the lines of what Band aid group did for charity and reached out to Ken Kragen and approached musicians. Lionel Richie & Michael Jackson wrote the song, Quincy jones produced it and managed to get all the legends in one room and sing for a single purpose. To be there for each other and help others in need. This time, under the label USA for Africa, they've sung for famine relief. 

This song is a testimony of how we can come together to help each other. I loved the way Quincy managed to bring all these star musicians and never bothered to pamper their ego. 

Tales narrated through the technical crew was also interesting. Loved to witness the whole process. Enjoyed it. 

Holidays with Harry- Responsibility and Projection

As I caught up with Harry, sharing what's happening in life, he mentioned of the lesson he was talking in his last class. 


"We can keep working on skills, techniques and along with that, mental preparation is critical. If we are not in right mind space, we can be more effective. Mostly it's about the beliefs."

I immediately could reflect on how I wanted something in life but, had a contradiciting belief about it. I could witness the impact of beliefs on us. "True Harry," I began to share my story of how I received a money help after I began to work on belief that 'I'm not worthy enough of having money in life.' 

As we continue to work on our beliefs and be in the growing mind space, we can be more aware on how 

Also, a lot about projecting. Many a times, we project our unacceptable feelings on someone and react to them. When we are upset with other's behaviour, it could be the behaviour that we're judging and being upset. Or many a times, we're denying such behaviour in us. I could reflect on the times, I was projecting a lot on others. Time to reflect on what I'm upset in other's behaviour.

Monday, February 5, 2024

A New Journey- Flow

In Colourless, the last poem I wrote was- 

Drapes of Rituals

Drapes of rituals
Tears of longing
Colors of grief

Let everything wait for, we want to breathe

I wrote this poem when I visited Pushkar, witnessing woman grieving for the lost ones. A man got a veil and women walk towards him, get veiled up, puts her head on his shoulder and vent out. They cry their heart out. A few performed the act as symbolic and a few vent out their emotions. I was puzzled by the ritual and the burden one put on women to grieve as I haven't noticed other gender performing this ritual. 

How burdensome this ritual could be forcing women to grieve and be in that emotional state, I thought. Staying with these thoughts and emotions, I ended up writing the above poem. 

Flash forward to Colourless book launch in Bangalore, I grieved for the loss of my friend Madhukar, on the stage. I never thought about the emotion- grief. Happiness, sadness, anger, rage, melancholy, confused, rejected. These are few emotions I slept on but, never pondered or discussed with any other people on 'grief.'

Surprised by the way grief showed up on May.27.2023, I was open to this emotion and pondered as it came. I assume, that's when the grief has peaked out and showed me the way to be aware of that emotion. 

Fast forward to Sep.2023, I began to work on series Empty Spaces-Mayanadhi, curious what water is all about and how I relate to water, river, lake and people in my life. People have walked in, walked out. I have walked in and walked out. I couldn't articulate the idea in words but, with the help of a song Mayanadhi and inspiration, I began to work on the idea. 

I interpreted the art, projecting my trauma related with loss of friends on the art and inspiration. Reflecting on the journey I embarked through Empty Spaces- Mayanadhi, I experienced grief and what it means to grieve for the loss of self and other people in our lives. 

Every day, we're growing and does growing means, we're losing ourselves?

Do we need to grieve for the self we lost?

Do we need to grieve or be grateful for the new we got?

When we flow in life, how much do we grieve for the past?

What it means to stay with the flow?

Continuing to flow with the idea, I'm positive to stay open, receive and flow in life. 

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Soliloquies- Surrender

Many a times, we tend to control the life and get disappointed as things go in its own way. What it means to do our best and surrender?
What it means to surrender, stay open and receive?

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Geneva Journals- The New Empty Space

I found out this new place where people can gather and create art, share conversations and do workshops on ideas, crafts one is interested in. 

I walked in with my painting gear. So far, I've visited UN spaces, institute, galleries, clubs but this space reminded me of Lamakaan of Hyderabad. Artists from different walks of life gather and share their evening over food, drinks and colours. I had a bit of food whose name I'm not aware of. Just before I was leaving, I got a chance to interact with founders of this space. A year ago, it was started by four friends and are consistent at hosting this space. Interested to check this space and catch up with more people. 

Composed this piece in the new empty space

The New Empty Space

Geneva Journals- Nuit Electro Acoustique

When I found out about a night full of electro acoustic performances from 7PM to 4 AM. I was excited and went ahead to check it out and reached the 6 Roofs- The Laboratory of living arts. 

Zeynep Toraman's composition

As I walked in, got my ticket, a stamp on the wrist and reached into a dark room.  Musicians were behind the screen performing the piece composed by Zeynep Toraman. A lot of abstract visuals were played out infront of them. I noticed that none of them were recording it on their phone. They seemed to be attentive to the experience rather than rushing to make it as a memory. I was the only one trying to record a moment here and there. It was a melancholic ecstatic performance. 

The Solo Cellist

Halim El Dabh's session

After that performance, I walked to Athanor, to witness the performance of 4 cellist. Surrounded by 4 cellist on 4 sides, we sat around them and witnessed the performance. It was thunderous and therepeautic. I noticed that the average age group of attendees are 40. There are some outliers in the group like me and few other people. 

Raed Yassin's Disco
There were 3 other music installations under 3 different roofs. Halim El Dabh's compositions on vinyl record was being played out in the room with room full of summer/beach chairs. It got reminded me of equinox performance I attended in the month of september. 

Wassim Halal with his ensemble

Another two installations consisted of video with a lot of abstract visuals. Raed Yasin's installation consisted of several videos with one narrative. Narrative of artist's memories and his past. Soon after checking out the installations, we were ready for another live performance. While waiting for the performance, got a chance to catch up with one of the audience who's enthusiastic of art and culture. Stories were exchanged and we discussed our first year experience of Geneva. 

Thriller Performance

Concert by Wassim Halal along with music ensemble consisted of Harp, flute, violin, Darbuka, Japanese drums, percussion and a lot of electro synthesizers. This performance has pushed my imagination of rhythm and scale. Rhythm is dependent on time. In a stretch of 40 minute performance, a few snippets seemed noise but in a larger canvas, everything was rhythmic and had a melody. Witnessing this electro acoustic performance has stretched my imagination and perception of sound, music & noise. Glad I attended this. 

Checked in at the multiple venues

With 20 minute break, there was a repeat show of the same set. I couldn't stop myself from attending this. I took my front seat and waited to witness the magic trying to immerse myself and be as attentive as possible. 

Soon after the performance, I got a chance to catch up with a french speaking person who translated the words of Wassim and shared a bit about music ensemble, and about the music being played. She also helped me in moving to the other venue. 

Along with other participants we moved to Cave 12, a 20 minute walk from the first venue. It's a dingy warm cellar with a lot of bass and DJ sets. Right at 12:45 am, the musicians walked in with their bass, clarinet, horn and other instruments. Good evening Geneva, said the DJ at 1 am. The evening seemed to be started just now. 

I could imagine these musicians learning the instrument in a traditional classic way. The sound I hear is a challenge to the conditioning of the sounds we hear from these instruments. Very interesting experience. 

I was surprised to see the veterans and 40 year old of various genders partying all night. I didn't expect this age group to be this active at this hour. After spending an hour, I couldn't stay awake till 4 am and walked out of the venue, thrilled by this new immersive experience. 

The last set of the night,morning?

Geneva Journals- The Dinner Table Conversations

Ever since we got winter break, S became a regular kitchen companion, sharing stories and food. He walked into the room sharing what he's been upto. Over stories, we walked over Geneva to check out light festival. The play of light, sound through different mediums was intriguing. I was thrilled to see the possibility of developing aesthetic sense and public interaction through public spaces. 

Over a walk, we walked into Al-Amir and had a shawarma. Thanks S for walking along and treating me with good food. We treated ourselves with Baklawa to sweeten the dinner and reached home to cook chole. Over some science facts and stories, we cooked chole, rice and discussed what move us. Both of us agreed on 'stories.' Stories brings us together and stories create us. 

Abstract Sky

I feel contended. Good day. 

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Music- Soothing Melody

The soothing raw voice of Hardik Chauhan, accompanied with chorus and the church bells. Mesmerising. 

Art- The Emotional Suppression

Expression of Suppression.

Being aware of our own emotions is journey that's so rich and fulfilling. Suppressing emotions seems to block the flow of life. How often do we suppress our emotions? How often do we get confused between expressing emotions and being aware of our own emotions. How often do we get confused in what emotions we are exactly feeling?

Soliloquies- Technology Hygiene

Just like health hygiene, there could be technology hygiene for well being. There are a lot of hard and fast tips out there but, we can be aware of what we are badly affected with and follow what suits us rather than try following hard and fast tips. A few basic technology hygiene stuff I practice:

1) Turn the screen grayscale. I'm very much affected by the digital colours on phone. With one toggle, I can turn the phone screen grayscale to colour. So, the default mode of my phone is grayscale and whenever I want to click pictures or use financial applications. 

2) In and Out Home Screen: I have only few apps on my home screen where I use them for functional purposes and get out of the apps afte use. Like Maps, Recorder, Notes and a few other essential apps I presume(Music player). I avoid app which has the function of browsing through and surfing through (photo galleries, browser, social media apps etc..)

3) Turn off Notifications: I do not have notifications for any social media ,mail & messenger apps. The only notifications are of finanical apps and normal messaging app. 

4)Black Background: Any shift in this makes me go crazy. It's been 6 years and my background is still the same. 

5)Single Ringtone: It's been more than 14 years since I hadn't changed my ringtone. Pray for me brother by A R Rahman has been my ringtone for more than a decade. Just to distinct the personal and professional calls, I've added another tune- Antonia Vivaldi Primavera. Haven't changed it since 6 years. 

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Geneva Journals- The Trio's long Walk

 Last year, on January 15, I was at home applying for ihied and stressing on the payment and deadlines. Flashforward to this year, I'm in Geneva. A lot happens in a year. Being grateful about it, I wished to celebrate this day. Also, it happened to be pongal. I invited Luana, Shivam, Ann to celebrate this day. Ann got stuck in work and there at GM, Luana, Shivam and I were celebrating pongal by relishing on pongal, mango pickle, banana chips and some other side dishes. Over the conversations on mangoes, rubber plantations and some other stories, we finished the lunch. After a long time, we were welcomed by Sun for a while. 

As i suggested for a long walk, being nice guests, Luana and Shivam agreed and walked with me to Sunflower field. Picking on the snow fights and appreciating the poetics of leafless trees, we walked till the sunflower field. Though, it's an empty field, I always call it a sunflower field as I first saw it as sunflower field. 

We walked past the field, having Shivam in between Luana and myself, hitting each other with snow. Strolling across the field, we walked to another snowy field with a beautiful sunrise point. Having Shivam as the silent listener, Luana and I talked incessantly and decided to walk across the creeks. Over the walks, the snow fights continued and captured the visuals of a few poetree and leafless trees. 

We walked past two cute dogs, one named, Yaiki and other dog with a blue nose. During the last leg of the walk, we played counting colours game where we had to spot the artefacts with the colour that's suggested by one of them. It was almost a 6 km walk. I wonder if Luana and Shivam ever show up with me for a walk. 

Movie- Three of Us

 Shailaja, at the onset of her dementia wishes to visit a city or town, in which she studied for 4 years. Along with her husband, she visits this small town and relives the old memories and catch up with her childhood love, Pradeep and gets a closure after 28 years. With the constant sounds of sea in the background, shailaja reveals her life in depth- the death of her sister, movement in life, the tension between the couple. I got reminded of the documentary- A man with seven second memory. After every seven seconds, he forgets whatever he remembers. He constantly tells himself that he's alive. Nevertheless he remembers the music composition he wrote and composed decades ago. 

What do we keep alive, thanks to our unforgetfulness?

What do we wish to forget but our bodies remember?

A good movie to contemplate on memories and forgetfulness and the life that happens in between the dichotomy. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Geneva Journals- Day 16- The France Haul

Shivam suggested to visit france to check out the biggest market where everything is cheap. I was curious to find out these new places but, alas he took me to my weekly grocery store- Carrefour. Excited Shivam was keen to buy a lot of things. Luana was curious but was sure of her purchases. I was excited to find the journals I wanted were back in stock. I got a plenty of them and suggested Luana and Shivam to pick one for them. Further, we walked around searching for french pharamacies and walked across the cute french ferney mairie, named after the philosopher Ferney Voltaire. 

Geneva Journals- Mireille- The Opera

I've attended my first ever french opera show in Geneva. A 3 hour musical show in the grand Victoria Hall. As I collected my ticket from the counter and walked to the gallery, I was escorted to my seat. Caught up with a data scientist who spent 2 years in Geneva and said, 'it was not easy to settle in' when I asked his first year Geneva experience. Wondering how everyone finds their way to settle in a new place. 

As the show started, the musicians were in place and the conductor swayed his hands- the start of the show. With Van gogh's paintings as background and subtitles in french and English, the actors played a brilliant show. I watched the show for 2 hours without a break. The actors managed to pull of the show with such intensity that I never felt it's too long. I loved the music and the transitions with a lot of chorus in between. I loved the attire of all the actors, musicians as well. Had a lovely time at Victoria Hall. Would love to catch up at more musical events in 2024. A great way to begin 2024. 

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Geneva Journals- Day14

It's so nice to have holidays after such a long time. The last time I had this stretch of holidays was during college. I do not remember how I used to spend holidays. These days, I'm trying to spend most of the time in bed and rest of the day goes into painting, writing and cooking. Today, I woke up at 11.24 am and managed to start the day. I've realised that as I begin my day,  I'm unable to stretch myself and go out for a walk due to cold. A to and fro walk in the little room I got, I started my day with songs, and breakfast. As soon as it's already past 12, I meditated for a while and began to paint. As an artist, how much time do I spend for myself and my art? How do I see my art? How do I let my art communicate with me? Delving in these questions and ideas, I continued to work on my art, caught up on few calls and began to write for a while. 

Before the days got darkened, the sky turned dark blue. I was there for a while witnessing the dark blue sky and humming my favourite songs. Lovely evening to witness the skies. An evening into writing and early dinner. Day well spent. 

My Art Manifesto- Empty Spaces Mayanadhi

My life has always been filled with a lot of synchrony. Thanks to dear friend S, who pointed out that in my life and helped me appreciate it in life. As my artistic endeavour, I hosted exhibition Empty Spaces Mayanadhi during my first semester and when I had to write a paper for one of my courses, my professor mentioned about my exhibition and asked me to write the creative process behind it and an art manifesto. Writing about my art process helped me to reflect on how I look at at my art and it's relation with myself.

Here's my art manifesto as of January 2024. 

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Movie- Ticket to Paradise

 Julia Roberts and George Clooney as divorced parents travel to Bali to sabotage their daughter's wedding. In return, they get reunited under right time, right place and right circumstances. Loved watching Julia and George on screen. Also, the Bali is so impressive and I wonder what it is to live on an island rather than visit it as tourist. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Thoughts- Writing heals

Whenever I felt intense, whenever I felt sad, whenever I felt I have guilt, i'm planning to write and actually spent a lot of time writing. Writing helps you to get our thoughts out of the mind and place it on the paper than revolve around with our thoughts which can sabotage us. As we keep writing, thoughts evolve and make peace with the past and our present. 

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Poem- Chains of Freedom


Listening to Aangan by Khwaab, I got reminded of these words I penned in 2017. Chains of Freedom. 

Geneva Journals- The Circus Noel

Argha invited me to catch up at Plainpalais for the fair. Both of us headed from our place and caught up with Luana, Ann, Shivam, Pratha & Ashish. All of us walked across the fair watching the glowy lights and childrens' smiles. I got reminded of the last time I went to such place with Srikanth in Jaipur. 

Strolling amidst the crowd, all of them decided to try some of the rides. All of us got onto the pendulum ride while Pratha waited for us from outside. I was not keen to get onto it but, later I decided to jump on risking my heart. Riding high and swinging up, I could only hum the song I've been listening to for days. I got reminded of A.R's birthday and hummed a bit of his tunes as well. Celebrating Rahman's birthday at peaks!

Later, we got onto bumper car, bumping to the other cars while doing head bangs to spanish and brazillian music. Spotted few lads, father-daughter duo and friends beaming with smiles to let go of themselves and play around. Fun stuff. 

With few minutes break, florida's music dragged us to another ride. Shivam and I spent the ride reciting our favourite shayari. A few of my favorite are- I stroll in your city of love. 

"Tumhari pyaar se guzar jaaye, isme raza kya hai
  Tu ek shyaam yu baatle, usme guna kya hai"

After headspinning words and ride, we walked around and called it a day. Fun day. 

Movie- Kho Gaye Hum Kahan

 Three friends, Neil, Aahana, Imaad in their 20s strive to make a life in Mumbai and are often lost in their phones, which affects their relations. Be it with the family, friends, loved ones. They struggle to be vulnerable yet wants to be connected and seek for the vulnerability. At the end, after all the ups and downs, they learn to be grateful and try to look within rather than seek validation. Good watch. 

Friday, January 5, 2024

Music- Sharing and Suggestions

To have people who love and appreciate art in your friend's circle is a blessing. I have friends who got different tastes in music. We love to catch up, just to listen and discuss them. My friends' music taste is changing and so are my friends. I'm meeting a lot of new people who got varied taste in music. To share and enjoy music is one task, I immensely enjoy. 

Thinking of music and sharing a song I recently heard with a new friend, I recollected friends who used to share song suggestions whenever they discover some gems. 13 years ago, S used to share a lot of songs with me over messages. "Turning Page by Sleeping At last Listent to this."

I'd google it, listen to it, download the song and then talk about the song with S. I went through the conversations and was heartened to see the song suggestions and listened to all of them again. The cherry on the cake is that, I started my day with the song, Anuraaga Vilochananaayi randomly, a song suggested by S, a decade ago. Glad to walk through the memory lane after a long time. 

Geneva Journals- The Long Runs

I walked out of home and got on a road without taking any turns. Crossed bridges, ran up hill, down hill, after half an hour, I ended up at highway, looking at the buzzing cars. Speed confuses me now. Highways are not the best places to run. I remember walking along the highways but, running, couldn't do it. I walked to the near bus stop, got onto the bus that showed up and wished to reach the last stop. Witnessing the dark blue sky, I had no clue where to head and where to stop. I got onto the bus that takes me home and returned home stopping my run in between. 

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Short Story- Melancholy

I picked the book, The penguin book of Italian Short Stories from residence library. Flipping pages, I began to read the story translated by Jhumpa Lahiri. I like Jhumpa Lahiri's writing for the themes - longing and love for a language. 

Melancholy is a story written by Goffredo Parise, extracted from the collection- Silabari. It's a story of a girl, Shilvia, grand daughter of a clergy man and lives under the supervision of nun for a while and feels like crying now and then. At the end of the holiday, she's described as melancholic. Puzzled by the word, she asks her grandfather about it. 'The passage of time causes melancholy' he replies and the story ends. 

Well written short stories set the tone, environment really quick and leave space for a lot of imagination. Loved reading this short story over breakfast. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Geneva Journals- Welcoming 2024

I was not planning anything particular for 2024 and managed to remain indoors and was writing letters to the lovedones wishing them a prosperous new year,  until Argha invited me for a potluck. I joined Shivam, Prathit, Argha, Rayana and began to reflect on 2023 while having delicious dinner and brownies. 

I began to reflect 2023 in months and shared how happy and grateful I'm for all that was happening in my life. Others continued to share their reflections of 2023 in months. After the dinner, we began to head towards the lake to witness the fireworks. Ann, Amrutha joined us. All of us headed to the lake after several stints at various bus stops. Gangs and groups reminds me of the friends and the friends I lost. 2023 has been all about grief and gratitude. In split seconds, my brain gets disassociated with present moment and wavers into past, present throwing up different emotions. I hum, count colours and find a rhythm to regulate myself. 

Over the banter, we reached the Geneva plage. The canton hosted two stages, one with live band and other with DJ set up, lined up with a lot of food stalls. We got into the crowd and began to enjoy the music. Eventually we lost Argha, Prathit, Rayana in the crowd. We welcomed 2024 with music and fireworks. Fireworks reminded me of Philip Pulman's book- The Firework-Maker's Daughter. How I always perceived fireworks to Deepavali but, every country has their occasions and purposes to bring light amidst the darkness. After a band full of trumpet, trombone, french horn and drums entertained us with their music, spanish band walked in and brought rhythm into 2024 with their brilliant band. After an hour, all of us called it a day and planned to head home. After wandering a bit, we got onto the buses and headed to our own destinations. Ann to Cite, Shivam to vernier, Amrutha and I to GM.

Last year, I was at home and attended church on new year's eve. I never imagined that I'd be in Geneva celebrating new year's eve witnessing the fireworks. The way life is unfolding in it's own ways is itself a calling for me to surrender and see what 2024 has it for me.

2024. Looking forward to it. 

Universe of Music- A R Rahman

 He's always evolving and emptying his cup. Grateful to have him and be a life long learner.