Friday, December 29, 2017

Birthday gift from Anjali

This sweet kid's gestures always make me smile. I love the gifts a lot. Thanks Anjali for the gifts.

Happy Birthday Shashaa Tirupati

Kabhi neem - Yuva| A.R.Rahman Humming

On loop with this humming

It seemed just a week back but 5 months passed.

Met mounika after 5 months and still the memories of last meet up were very fresh. Mounika indeed remember who paid the food bill. God bless her!

It was a quick plan. We decided to meet soon and not thinking much further we asked if we could meet this day itself and hour later we reached the place and hung out for hours sharing all the stories that happened in our lives. 

Mounika is one of the persons whom I love to have conversation with. We don't delve into superficial, social conversations but honest, heartfelt and learning conversations.  While she was sharing about her life at US, I was updating her about what all happened in life. I was very excited to speak about Shashaa. I started narrating the way I met her. I couldn't say that she understood my excitement but she surely acknowledged it by listening well.

Smiles and silences were always there making our conversations special. We are very comfortable at the own space we created. We can recall everything at the drop of  a hat. I love it. We also spoke about our first meet. 

As I loved the gesture she always do, I requested her to write something for me on the tissue paper from that place. And people there changed in shifts but not for once we shifted from the place. We sat there nearly for 5 hours.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

TED Idea- Why these prisoners are getting law degrees behind bars

This reminds me of the story of Rajmane, the person who was cornered to visit jail and later goes to jail by the choice to help a lot of other people.  It's good to read about Mclean who is striving to bring a change in the society.

I got to know about various people like Rajmane who are helping prisoners to change their life through legal advice. It's heartening to see such a change. Ideas worth spreading.

How often we consider prisons to be the punishment centres rather than as rehabilitation centres. I loved the idea of  McLean who says,
 “Often, when people think about what happens to ex-prisoners and how to re-integrate them, it’s ‘How do we help them to use their hands?’ I think, ‘How do we let them use their brains? ’”

Fault in our stars- Book

Fault in our stars

Many spoke about “John Green” and his books. I’ve people who praised him to the clouds. Never ever I tried to spend my time on him and his books but, recently I could get my hands on “Fault in our stars”

John Green has written absolutely with lot of wit and wisdom. It’s not a sick lit novel but it’s more of a realistic story with lot of subtleties. I totally agree with my friend who said, “Got to love his writing. Reading it now (20+) won’t be the same as reading it as a teenager. He primarily focuses on writing for young adults.”

I don’t know If i would love his stories if only had I read them during my teenage. There are few lines which I quoted to reread them. Well written book.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Monday, December 18, 2017

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cold water showers in winter

I've started taking cold showers since Oct 16. First three months were quite tough. In the chilled winters, I've taken cold showers and I started enjoying them. Months passed and as soon as Summer hit the city, cold showers became a need from luxury.  I enjoyed cold showers all over the summer.

Again in august, I felt being tested of my conviction and determination. As days passed, cold shower is what I look for, on a chilled morning. Now, cold shower in winter is the best thing of my day. Cold showers are definitely stress busters. They make my mood all set through out the day. Cold showers at morning is the perfect start for a great day. 

Good perspective to view from- Nice link

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Not So Serious Interview with A.R. Rahman and Jonita Gandhi

Quote of the hour


SAHE Stories- Live the lakes.

I just realised, it's important to share what's happening with one idea that a person got, with one decision that she took.  Kalpana Ramesh a.k.a water lady is very calm when she speaks about the issues she's dealing with.  She initiated Live the lakes to clean up the lakes in the city.

Her meticulous planning and intense drive to clean up the lakes is making her dream real. In the journey of making her dream real, she is sharing what's happening with the work.

I feel privileged to listen to the stories.  Here's one video which is so heart warming and inspiring to do bring smiles around us.

The little kids are  thanking Kalpana and AE Nagasmitha for getting them one street light at Gopi cheruvu.  Kalpana says, "Want to clean up this place for them to play😊
This is something that I will push myself for every single day 😊"

Isn't wonderful to bring a smile in someone's life. More power to you Kalpana.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Counting the blessings.

To count blessings is to be grateful. With mere conscious thoughts, I could see how wonderful my life is. Looking back in my life, I feel grateful for all the blessings and wishes I received. There were so many things which I took for granted but, as I retrospect, the time people have give for me is something I feel grateful all the time.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Movies I've watched- 2017 review

  1. Pompei
  2. Viceroy's house
  3. One Heart
  4. Annabelle
  5. Six Moon and the Pence
  6. The Court(Marathi)
  7. Hacksaw Ridge
  8. White(Malayalam)
  9. Ayalum Njaanum Thammil(Malayalam)
  10. The man with seven second memory
  11. Ninnu Kori
  12. Million Dollar Arm
  13. Finding Altamira
  14. Guru(Telugu)
  15. Prisoner of Conscience
  16. Beauty and the Beast
  17. Offside(Iranian)
  18. Queen of Katwe
  19. Ghazi
  20. Fida
  21. Arjun Reddy
  22. Rhythm
  23. VikramVedha(Tamil)
  24. Invisible Guest
  25. Rescue Dawn
  26. Lipstick Under Burkha
  27. Nene Raju Nene Mantri
  28. Lovelace
  29. The Man from the earth
  30. Going In Style
  31.  Your Name
  32. Kaatru Veliyidai
  33. Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru
  34. Forrest Gump
  35. Victoria and Abdul
  36. After Math
  37. The Mountains between us

Books I've read in this year- 2017 review

  1. Shantaram
  2. Veerappan
  3. Diary of Nobody
  4. Man's search for meaning
  5. Roots
  6. The Swimmer
  7. A little book of serenity
  8. This Way is Easier Dad
  9. Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  10. Invisible People
  11. Sounding Off
  12. Siddartha
  13. The Spirit of Lagaan
  14. I Woz
  15. The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister
  16. When Breathe becomes air
  17. Feast of vultures
  18. Out of the Dust
  19. Fault in our Stars

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Discover the Three Keys of Gratitude to Unlock Your Happiest Life!: Jane...

This talk always reminds me to seek the best in everyone. Jane Ransom shared the idea well with anecdotes and engripping narration. She talks about gratitude.

Practicing gratitude is helping me to seek the best. To spend few minutes everyday for myself is helping me alot.

Thought- Being healthy is a commitment

Being healthy is a life long commitment we need to give to ourselves. Many a times, many friends hinted me that there's a lot that goes ...