Friday, December 29, 2017

It seemed just a week back but 5 months passed.

Met mounika after 5 months and still the memories of last meet up were very fresh. Mounika indeed remember who paid the food bill. God bless her!

It was a quick plan. We decided to meet soon and not thinking much further we asked if we could meet this day itself and hour later we reached the place and hung out for hours sharing all the stories that happened in our lives. 

Mounika is one of the persons whom I love to have conversation with. We don't delve into superficial, social conversations but honest, heartfelt and learning conversations.  While she was sharing about her life at US, I was updating her about what all happened in life. I was very excited to speak about Shashaa. I started narrating the way I met her. I couldn't say that she understood my excitement but she surely acknowledged it by listening well.

Smiles and silences were always there making our conversations special. We are very comfortable at the own space we created. We can recall everything at the drop of  a hat. I love it. We also spoke about our first meet. 

As I loved the gesture she always do, I requested her to write something for me on the tissue paper from that place. And people there changed in shifts but not for once we shifted from the place. We sat there nearly for 5 hours.

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