Saturday, July 13, 2019

Socialmedia Sabbath- Attention Residue

It's been 3 weeks since I quit social media. I got a chance to reflect on my focus.  When I was on social media and looked up to 1000s of friends' updates. I'm happy for them, equanimous to a few stories and sympathetic to a few stories and empathetic to a few stories.

The whirl of emotions experienced is in wholesome, at least in my case. And I'm exhausted after browsing the social media for a certain amount of time. Thanks to Infinite scroll.

Social media being at an easy reach, I checked out social media in between the free time I have during my work. And the free time was  1-2 minutes in between the work I have. The 2-minute free time extended to 5-10 minutes every time if I'm not called out by many people around. 

Social media feed can wait for my attention yet, I'm inclined to be distracted. I never accepted the reality that I'm distracted by 1-2 minutes of the browsing. Every time I take out my phone, in the middle of my work to browse social media or to check out the messages I've already seen, I never realized how such a small act can affect my productivity.

Work with less distraction actually helps us to stay focused. It's easy to say but, the design of the social media apps and its interfaces is designed in such a way to chain us to the apps. The app icons are colourful that you're lured to open them every time you open your phone. 


  1. Yes your main argument is true....But there is many other things that improve your productivity if we can use social media smarty

  2. True, we've to be smart enough to use social media effectively but sadly, the social media is designed in a way to turn us compulsive rather than enable us to make our life productive.

  3. Everything is about optimization. We can't generalize our opinion and thoughts. It is completely upon the user how he /she uses social media or any other things. Every coin has two sides. If we think logically,we will find that there is a scope of deviation at ecah and every step of life. So, we can't blame those things which are created by us .
    One more thing, positivity and negativity always exists together.

  4. Agreed to the generalized comment. However, there's more to reflect on social media rather than in a typical Yin yang school of thought.


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