Saturday, July 13, 2019

Adieu Akanksha

Season of farewells and it's quite a happy evening, ranging discussions from childhood memories to hilarious anecdotes. Priyanka hosted the huddle.  It's quite peaceful and easy how people joined in and the whole atmosphere turned out into merriment.

I walked in waking up Akanksha out of her nap. Sunil surprised by the kind of all groceries he got. Kaveri walked in a hurry to leave in a hurry but settled in overtime and enjoyed people's presence. Dyu was the last to arrive but first to volunteer for all the work he can do.

Dinners under the moonlight while breeze caress you to carry you into the memories of happiness bubble.  Happy evening.

L to R: Myself, Priyanka, Kaveri, Sunil, Dyu, Akanksha

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