Friday, July 19, 2019

Corporate Lessons - Monotonous & magnificent work

Out of the college and after 3 months of superficial training, I switched the roles and got into management. Interesting times and interesting job as everything is a learning experience.

First job. First work. Was doubtful about a few works, enjoyed other works. Few things seemed monotonous in work but I pushed myself to do it. Updating a few data every day and various small things like filtering out and sorting out things were a task I couldn't enjoy much.  

Never understood why we need to do then. Always asked for the purpose of every work. Thanks to my boss, Aravind who never discouraged my questions and tried to explain to me all the time.  

I never bought the ideas, thoughts behind the monotonous work completely. Was always trying to do without enjoying it much. 

2 years. And over time, with a lot of conversations with Aravind, Angati and many auditors, I tried understanding the processes, the kind of work. 

I realized the importance of the routines. Conversations with Harimohan helped me to value the routines in a better way and I channeled to look at the monotonous work 

Monotonous it may see but, thanks to conversations with Angati, I realized how important all the monotonous, small be it data tracking helped me understand how important is monotonous work at times.

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