Friday, July 26, 2019

Education- The Neighbourhood.

In the villages, I've encountered the clusters of homes segmented according to their community and castes. 25 years old and I never actually was surprised and enraged than I ever am. Walking through the communities and realizing the kids are living in spaces curated by the identities which they've no choice on.

All the kids from one community live in one place. They visit the school at once. If there are 2 or more people belonging to the same class, they're together unless others join in. They do not disturb others but leave others alone to live with their own company.

"No harm is done to any, they're being together which is their choice." is kind of comments I heard a lot during my college days also when people hang out inclining to their communities. 

There's a lot of harm this behaviour will affect each other. Kids turn rigid and indifferent to other kids

Excluding each other from various different realities of life, they deny the problems, they deny the hardships and a lot more. Scaling up from differentiation to discrimination, because of  lack of empathy they cannot help each other, understand each other.

It's atrocious. I wish we live together and identify each other as humans.

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