Friday, July 26, 2019

Pens and Primary School Days

During my primary school, I used Add Gel Pen to write in rough work during my primary school days. I used pencil to write in the books but whenever got a chance to practice or write in rough books, I used Add Gel Pen. My favourite.

I remember sharing my happiness to the classmate about being allowed to use pen after entering 5th class. Till then we were only allowed to use a pencil.

Writing the homework with the pen was valid. Over the choice of pens, I fancied for all different kind of pens back then. Even though, my Dad's pen was the most elusive one. I wasn't allowed to take it to the school.  Had my hand with different pens and I settled with fine grip.

It was an economical pen I could afford back then. The choice of color was black. Even though we were never allowed, I rebelled to write in black pen questioning teachers since I'm not using their correction pen. The Red pen. Blue or Black what does it matter?  I personally loved black. I continued using a black pen during most of my school days.

I was never good at handling a lot of pens during school days. Even now, I'm no good. I'm good at losing pens. I continue maintaining the habit of losing pens consistently. God save me.

Apart from Fine Grip, Techno tip & Pinpoint were elite pens I could get to buy if I save extra 5 rupees from what Dad used to give me.

Reynolds Gel pen was the gift I could come after with is it whoever birthday it is.

During the primary, the school had a fancy for pens just because, elders are using them.

Happy memories with pens during primary school days.

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