Sunday, February 28, 2021

friends- Shreya's wedsing

The last time I danced was on 27th November on Shreya's wedding amidst drizzling evening. 

We had pallaki and the horse. Shreya and nikhil were getting hitched. The beat was on. It was one of the moments where we're ecstatic celebrating the bond and the happiness was on everyone's smiles. We danced. Everyone were there.

Theen maar. Do maar. Happy tears looking at the happiest bride and groom. Happy married Life shreya. Can't believe it's already three months. More to come. God bless you both.


Friends- Dinner with Pooja

 A year ago, I met pooja at cafe in Jaipur, sharing what's happening in our lives. We met recently at our workplace but, we couldn't catch up at leisure sharing what we're upto. After a long plan, I made it to Barmer, Pooja's place. Happy to be here. Pooja joined us at evening. Pooja and I visited a cafe.COASTERS CAFE. "This is my place.  If others are sitting here, I return to home. I don't sit anywhere." She showed me her place. Comfy sofas. For a reason, she loves this place.

Over coffee and pizza, we shared what's all happening in our lives. Listened to each other. I made a sketch for her on post card. Random patterns. I also wrote to her on it. Glad to catch up after long time. 
Blurred happy smiles. 

The Coasters guy wanted his cafe board in the picture, no matter what

                                        I also took a detour of Barmer, thanks to Pooja. 

 Finally, called it a day and ended up at the resort I was staying at. 


Friends- Dinner with Abitha, Divya

 I met Divya during our fellowship induction. After that, I never got a chance to meet her or interact with her. I'm glad I met her in Yadgir after a very long time. 

This time, I met Abitha as well, graduated from Azim Premji University. We got along each other just after one conversation. "I can suggest you the best local food places," shared Abitha. 

Abitha, Divya and I went to a place, "Kaanavalli." We had a specical. I got to eat Puranpoli. Over the conversations, we enjoyed the local food. Thanks Divya, Abitha for introducing me to the Kaanavalli food. 

Post dinner, Abitha and I decided to walk till our places. Over the walk, we talked. Both of our names start with Abi. Both of us had stories behind our names. Abitha shared her story. How her father got inspired to name her Abitha. Later, we discussed books, poetry and a few more work experiences. I'm glad we decided to walk rather than get into those crowded autos. Had a great evening. Thanks Abitha for the time. 

Holidays with Harry- Food for happiness

I love lunches at Harry's place for, it is always filled with delicious food, conversations. We have the dining table with perfect light and bookshelf next to it. I reached at the right time. Shobha mam cooked for three of us. She prepared potato fry, steamed rice and fish curry. Enjoyed the lunch while watching the cricket match. Thanks Harry and Shobha mam for the lunch. 

Raconteuring with Rahila Wafa- Know your parents

Since Rahila and I didn't speak for years, we had a lot to share. Both of us got into conversation and stories flowed. 

"Often I listen from others to focus on my motherhood," shared Rahila. " I'm glad I do not listen to their suggestions."

Listening to a lot of friends of their new motherhood experience, I always wondered how we patronize motherhood and shackle them to a lot of chores in life. 

Rahila shared one of the experiment she did with her class 4th & 5th students. 

"What's your mom's favorite color? I asked my students to respond. Most of the children respond. What's your mom's favorite picnic spot? was the other question. There was silence in the class. Another  question, What's your mom's favorite food? 

I asked the student's series of questions about their parents. None of the children knew of their parents. "Your parents know about your wishes, favorites. Don't you feel to know your parents better?" I encouraged them to talk to their parents about their childhood, favorites, memories. Many students returned with a lot of surprise on their faces. I didn't knew that my mom was a volleyball player, I didn't knew that mom liked this food. And it was a seed Rahila sowed in the young minds to empathize with their parents and observe them as  individuals. 

Often, we do not view our parents as individuals. It's important we individualise them to understand them and better and not burden them with our expectations and wishes. 

You asked the right questions senior. Would love to try it out with students at my place. Thanks for sharing.   

Holidays with Harry- The puzzling truth

 How is it going it with your story?  I asked Harry. 

I wrote but, my friend mentions that I added a lot of detail and got distracted from the story. He added, "I have an experience and I was interested to add more detail and include everything that happened during the journey.

I was writing with an intention of sharing the truth. But, at the end of the day, readers want a story not the truth that confuses them more." 

Introspecting more on truth, we discussed how we perceive our memory and our version of truth as the universal truth  It's important to note that truth need not be shared just because we believe in it. The craft of storytelling is different from telling what all happened in our lives. 

When we write autobiographical novels, there's always a question on what to share and what not to.  Also, many a times, I procrastinated writing my experiences. As the experience turns into memory of the past, the way we retrieve the truth is also interesting. The truth is always selective and one sided. It's interesting to work on these aspects of truth in writing. Thanks Harry for sharing your puzzling truth stories. 

All seemed to be same but, different. Truth is no exception. 


Friday, February 26, 2021

Graphic Musings- Water colors

Graphic Musings- ART friend

Determined not to pester anyone anymore by showing the art and asking for their views, I decided to work on my own and relish on my own perspectives. However, the world is kind and I'm meeting a lot of new friends who can walk along with me in the journey of exploring colours and shapes. 

Usually, Dyu is the only victim I turn to, asking his perspectives on every art piece I make. Shankar, Azhar, Biju never bother to entertain me, they do not even look at the art I make. Geetika is the new friend I'm sharing my art with. At times, it's tough for her to put up with my hammering. 

Empathizing with my boredom, Geetika suggested to check out few interesting cards in library. I walked into library and ran into fourth class child, Shahista. She got acrylic colors and brushes. I got postcards. 

"Shall we paint?" I asked. "Yes," she welcomed. I got out my crayons and scribbled on the card. "What's this?" she asked. I couldn't reply what I'm drawing. "I don't know. I just draw." I told her. 

"Shall I draw rocket for you?" She asked. "Whatever you wish to draw." I affirmed. 

Together we sat and began drawing. We dabbled with colors.

 I blended colors and tried my line art. Observing what I like to draw, Shahista drew a few patterns and painted, just the way I like. Thanks Shahista. 

Shahista also wrote a message on the post card. I like the way she appreciate. Direct and heartful wishes. 

Anjali & I - Dining in with Dogs

 It's been a year, since I met Anjali. Intended to surprise her by my visit, I went without telling her about my visit, in return, she surprised me by staying at her friend's place for a week. Determined to meet her, I joined Harry and Shobha mam to their friend, Niveditha's place. 

Away from the city, they lived near ORR. May be they need peace from the noisy city, I assumed.  When I walked into home, I realised that they're away from urban noise but, not noise. Three dogs were in the home. Aranya, Shakti, and Vanati's dog. 

As I entered home, I was welcomed by a lot of barking. At first, it was tolerable. After a few moments, I couldn't take it. I had to close my ears to get away from the noise. Anjali saw me being helpless and giggled. I was happy to see her after long time. Anjali was happy to be with her dogs. She was caring them and we went out for a walk. I handled one leash and Anjali helped me to hold it properly. 

Around the apartment, Nivedita, her son, Anjali and I, along with three dogs, we walked. It was fun to chat with Nivedita. She shared how she used to live with a lot of pets during her childhood. Good time. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Graphic Musings- Abundance

Thanks Harry for gifting me these beautiful canvases and pens. There's abundance in giving as well as receiving.  I'd like to work on these canvases with pens and gift to others. Whom do I gift this one?

Friends- A huddle after 10 long years


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Soliloquies- Times with Dad

This is the second time; I’m meeting Dad at Mariott. He has got a conference to attend. I met him while he was ending it and leaving the conference. We caught up over what’s happening. He talked about his work. I rarely talk about my work with Dad.

A night with Dad at a different place. We both went on for a walk. Looking at the Hyderabad’s skyline, Dad shared how he visited Patancheruvu in 1980’s along with his college friend. “My friend Sudhakar had relatives at that place. So, when he was going, I also went along with him. It was all jungle.” He shared his surprise as well as the knowledge of witnessing the growth. For a while, we looked at the towered building. Dad went on sharing his retirement plans.

Why is he so concerned about many things, I thought. As Dad shared a lot of his life experiences, I could empathise with him and his thoughts. “Back then, I never had enough money to invest. We barely had amenities at our home. I got the TV, fridge, Beerva, and other things on a loan. That is how we started our house. Now, it is a god blessing to have all these,” dad shared how he feel about coming this far.

I’m grateful to have all the comforts my Dad and mom has provided me. At times, I always wondered, why they are worried about the future. Understanding from where we have started, it’s a big feat to be at the place where we are.  I’m glad, I reserved my opinions rather than jumping into conclusions.

Graphic musings.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Sunday Haul with Vinod Ekbote

Whenever I get a chance to spend my Sunday in Hyderabad, I try to visit the Sunday market at Abids. This time, I also wanted to meet Vinod. Last sunday, as I didn't spend enough time at the market, I decided to go early and check out a lot of books. While the sellers are setting up the books, I browsed through various sections. I was thrilled to find Obama's Promised Land. Also, this seller had Elif Shafak's Forty rules of love. I picked both the books. Though, they were not originals, they were in good print. I paid 350 for Obama and 150 for Elif Shafak. 

Later, I picked Tony and Toby, a book on alphabets for 10rs. It's cute and tiny. I liked it. Vinod joined me and we discussed a lot of books. He suggested a few books. He suggested Len Deighton's Spy Sinker. It's trilogy. I couldn't find the first two however, I picked this book for 20rs. 

Interested in biographies, I picked the book of Judy Garland. One of the interesting non-fiction I found in this haul is 'Music for Life' by Fionna Maddocks. Also, bought a book on Shyam Benegal and 'Not just Bollywood: Indian Directors Speak. 

Vinod and I had our Irani Chai and puffs at India Star Cafe. While returning, seller suggested a decent price on the book, I asked for. Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Abitha also suggested this author. I got this title for 80rs. 

I was afraid of the check-in weight and decided not to take anymore books. However, I took one hardcover, The Wind in the willows, and another small book, 'A case of exploding mangoes'

I enjoyed meeting Vinod after a long time. Also, satisfied by the books I got from this haul. 

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Friends- Dinner with Yami

I met Yami after 4 years. Can't believe it's been already 4 years, since I took up my first job. I met her first in a training programme. We were in different groups but of the same batch. At first, as we spent time in the same campus, we became acquaintances. We finished our training. Both of us ended up in different teams. 

    During our work, we hardly met. Whenever we ran into each other, we'd greet, share a conversation and carry on with our work. 

Over the time, both of us got to know each other interests, sketching, traveling, doodling. Both of us shared similar interests, thus began appreciation of each other's efforts.

Yesterday, I look at some random art and got reminded of Yami. I think a lot about my friends but hardly ping them. This time, I got from that procrastination phase and pinged her. "Hey Yami. I got reminded of you when I saw this art. How are you doing?" I texted her.  We both shared a word. Realized, we got a lot to share. We decided to meet and without much hassle, we met and had a great time sharing what's happening in our lives. 

Both of us agreed on 'Instagram is all sham,' shared a lot on what's not on our Instagram feed.  We enjoyed meeting in-person and listening to each other.

I enjoyed listening to Yami's Hindi. Traveling in South India for a long time, I couldn't listen to North Indian Hindi. As Yami was speaking proper Hindi, I fell in love with the language again. She got that proper diction. I can listen to her all day. Yami shared her (train) travel tales of her college life. She seeks adventure in life. She's getting married. What more big adventure can she venture into?

I was terrible at deciding for the dinner, Yami helped both of us in ordering the dinner. Right from the starter, we had a full course dinner finishing with dessert. Thanks Yami for helping me out in those little decisions. 

We visited restaurant when it was with crowd, we left when it was deserted. We spent  good time sharing a lot of stories. Both of us had different destinations. I didn't want to leave early though. Both of us decided to walk down the lane. We shared the luggage. (She insisted on carrying one)

"You don't need to be chauvinist. I can carry." Yami exclaimed.  Unconsciously I was acting as one, I wonder how I was trying to be one. We both shared the luggage and enjoyed walking down the lane sharing stories. 

Walking on the deserted roads, I didn't realize it's almost 12am. We walked down to Irani cafe, for a late night chai. We talked of Yami's childhood memories and about her supportive mother.

How much ever I wish to stretch down the time, the day was not with us. We walked further. At last, we had to depart to our own destinations.  

A short meet after long time. Glad to share smiles and happiness and all that's-happening-in-our-lives. Thanks Yami for the time and the treat. I'm happy for your new journey (getting married) in life. God bless the guy.  Next time, more on our adventures and little madness we share. 

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Little things I learnt

Along with colleagues, we were having our lunch. One of the colleagues recollected a memory of  introducing a couple, Meet Raj, " Rekha's husband."  (Changed names)

Listening to the anecdote, Rekha stated how she's not okay with the way of introduction.  

"Do not lessen the identity of person who is present. When I'm not there in the situation, you don't need to bring out my name. You could've said, Rekha is her wife." 

Thanks R for the lesson. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Soliloquies- Morning run

In Sirohi, morning basketball game  is the routines. Since my new job demands a lot of traveling. I decided to jog atleast. In Yadgir, I had my shoes on, waited for the sun to rise. Went towards the fort and ended up at a local park. I enjoyed exploring the town at early morning. I walked all along returning to the hotel observing all the nearby places. 

I smile wide whenever I need to pose. Finding mirror after ages, I loved to record the morning jog memories. Hence, the morning selfies at Yadgir.  

In the three days I spent in Yadgir, I explored different sides of the city. I went to the stadium, walked towards the fort, walked along a local park as well.  Will try to jog wherever I go. 


Monday, February 15, 2021

Stories from Schools- Warm wishes

I sat at the cafeteria, eating my lunch. Hi Abhinay I heard a voice, wishing me as a friend. 

Who can wish me as my friends from this new place? quickly I looked up to see the person, I see a student passing by, waving his hand.

Unfamiliar voice but, he wished me as if we both know each other for years. The voice had a warmth affection. At workplaces, many people call you, wish you. But, the communication always sounded formal to me. I made a very few friends at my work place. None call me with such closeness. Despite the verbal communication signals of what we communicate, the non-verbal cues tell a lot of what words can’t say. The voice, the tone talks more about it. The friendliness, the warmth affection, there is a lot I perceived in that wish. 

While I was thinking a lot about the wish and the non-verbal communication, the student returned with his lunch, sat at the table and asked my friend who sat next to me, "How are you liking our school?" 

Paatshaala?, so here, people call school as Paatshaala, my friend referred trying to understand a bit Kannada, also making sense of student's Hindi. 

During the conversations, while my friend was adding ‘Ji’ referring his bosses, CEO, COO. This kid was referring to all those CEO, COO, and all the big heads by their names. There’s reverence and respect in kids' voice. How often we speak a lot but mean a little. This kid was different. 

Glad that he remembered my name and walked in to wish me. That's how we make friends. Nice to meet you Sharanappa. 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Sunday Haul- Good deal

This time, I got good collection of women's literature. Nayntara Singh Sahgal. Original but, costly. But, I can't find these books anywhere else. 

I need to explore more book places. 

Stories from Sirohi- Book of the day


As a part of reading initiative, I went into the class room and picked a few books. I read this book, The Creepy Hat with a glossy cover. It's a lovely story of how kids' cat scared them because of it's naughty acts. The other book, Pollys Pink Book is about how  a piggy rediscovers the skill of reading the book with the help of a bug. The other book, Sayyestha showed it to me and narrated the story. Later, she suggested"I read this book, the naughty cow. Shall I share?" . Love the enthusiasm she got to share the stories she read. I'm glad I could manage to read these two books, in the short span of time we got in the first hour of the school. 

Holidays with Harry

I walked into Harry's house almost after an year. Before pandemic, I met him in Feb 2020. Again, in 2021, I met him. I was eager to meet Anjali and catch up with her. Unfortunately, Anjali had already planned a visit to her friend's place. We couldn't catch up. Shobha mam was there, Harry was starting his day. I made myself feel home and decided upon to order the breakfast. A quick decision, we ordered the breakfast. While I was chatting up with mam, we had our ordered breakfast at out door. Dosa, idli, vada from Suprabhat Tiffins. While  shuffling the TV channels between cricket match and tennis match, we enjoyed our breakfast. 

In the front room, we sat in our spaces and caught up in our conversations. I was elated to share what's all happening in my life. From my new role to the new friend I made in office, I was grateful and happy. "I asked for a lot of things in life. I'm getting everything I asked for." I shared how grateful I'm and happy for being abundant in life. 

Harry shared what's happening with him. We discussed on our fitness journey. "A few months back, I began jogging at snail speed and now, I'm off comfortable jogging five km everyday with a good speed."
and he mentioned, "There are four things that need to be taken care of." 


"We often neglect hydration and rest."  

Over many other things, we discussed movies, books, ideas and plans. We hit off road to get done with few tasks. At first, I bought footwear. Further, we visited a book shop. Harry gifted me all the art materials I wanted. I was gifted a lot of canvases, Geetika suggested of and many more art line pens. 

Harry also gifted me the positive affirmation cards. I love them! Thanks Harry. 

No sooner, we reached home ,mam was ready with the lunch. We devoured on white rice, chicken curry and rasam. The chicken curry had a lot of veggies as well. As ever, delicious and enjoyed my lunch. 

We caught up with cricket, tennis matches for a while and also browsed a few books. All of us were drowsy but, Harry had his friends coming in. We waited for them. 

The arrival of Harry friends, Vardha and Sanjay, the mood was changed. Vardha in his cool look, Sanjay and I caught up. Thirty years of friendship, they recollected all the memories while Vasu and Ranjan joined. 

Listening to their memories, I got reminded of my gang. Wanted to catch up with all of them. The party mood was setting in. I called it a day, as I wanted to catch up with my friends. 

"You look like a proper traveler, let's take a picture," suggested Harry. On request, a kind person on the road clicked the picture for us. He was insisting to take a portrait picture. One for his satisfaction. 

Friday, February 12, 2021

Thoughts- Mirroring

In the podcast of '365 Stories I want to share' Cauvery mentions how his therapist entered and was there, oresent. That made him sob.

I can relate to the experience when I read the lines from the book, Emotional intelligence.

"Mirroring is the term used by some psychoanalytic thinkers for the therapist's reflecting back to the client an understanding of his inner state just as an attuned mother does with her infant. The emotional synchrony i unstated and outside conscious awareness, though a patient may bask in the sense of being deeply acknowledged and understood"

Attunement I'd interesting. How it affects the relationships.

Poem of the day- Spaces

The last time I wrote poem on a house was Oct 2014. After a long time, loved the house I visited recently. Here's the piece.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Stories from Sirohi- Natural light vs Street light


This evening, we got the clouds like the pen strokes in an art. I wanted the street light to turn off. Fortunately, due to glitch, it was flickering. In those few moments, I clicked this picture. These kind of evenings remind me of my childhood. Without any street lights, we used to play under the natural light. If it turns dark, it's time to return to home. Good old times. 


Story of the day- British Bicycling's team's efforts


Interesting story. Worth sharing. 

In the beginning, Indranil talks for ten seconds about  what the series is about and asks to subscribe and share. Is there any innovative way to jump into the story right away and deal with subscriptions later.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Movie- shirin

I was browsing through videos and discovered the director Abbas kiarostami and his movie, 'Shirin.'

The movie is a great experiment in regard of screenplay. A group of women watch a theatrical. We get to watch their reactions and listen to the dialogues. Fabulous idea and well executed. All the actress were at their best. They could emote subtle emotions well. I enjoyed know about the Iranian classis as well. Love story of Amir Kushro and Shirin. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Travel tales- Polo forest

Finally, we visited polo forest after a day detour around the polo forest. We rode our bikes into the polo forest camp site. The place was filled with eateries, horses and a lot of people. Wandering through the forest, I didn't enjoy the crowd much. We parked our bikes and went into the campsite. 

We walked through the shallow streams. Removed our shoes and got into water. I enjoyed the walk. I found it tough to walk on those stones. Shankar and I walked till we were covered half in water. I got backed out and Shankar. I got onto the shore and enjoyed the waters. Azhar found a place on a tree and sat there. 


Stories from Sirohi - early mornings


This day, that year. And then what happened?


Thoughts- Friends and Conversations

I never had to put a lot of efforts to catch up with friends. I'm glad I've decided to put efforts to reach out and not get disappoi...