Friday, July 26, 2019

Education- Bad day. Great leanings.

Today, I've taken 3 classes and I was disappointed by myself for disappointing the kids in a big way. 

My first Class. 

Walked into the class with a smile and asked everyone to open the books, starting out the work. I haven't bothered to tell them what I'm trying to do. I haven't thought of explaining to them what's gonna happen in the class. Maybe, That led to their confusion. 

The whole class was on confusion. Kids who know it's not their level were not motivated. Kids who found it quite difficult did not show interest. Kids who do not know what's happening often created the problem. 
I was not confident about the process I confused them. 

I confused them with a lot of assumptions and expectations. Pushed them to extremes thinking of various possibilities. I should have thought from their perspective.

 I feel terrible showcasing my disappointment to the kids. I was disappointed as I expected a lot. Couldn't manage to express my anger. I don't know if it's anger or disappointment or dissent. I don't feel good about it. I feel sorry for not having a smile on my face talking to them. I'm more reacting than responding.

I wanted to turn the learning organically with plan A. But, I realized I need to take Plan A, B, C, D & E. If nothing works, play with them. That's how learning happens. 

Without clear instruction or inspiration for learning, there won't be any learning.  It doesn't mean that I should state my objectives to the class every time I walk in. But, I need to give them the confidence to trust me. 

Another Class, I walked in and they requested to play during my class. Can't afford to simply play, I told that they can play if they can agree to my rules.  20-minute match. Like T20, 20-minute match. You gotta manage the time and play effectively. 10 minutes, a team plays. 

I had a lot of observations to write upon their communication, efforts, teamwork and a lot more. I went on giving an update on batting, bowling, score, balls left in English. They were quite frustrated when they asked for a score and I said in English. 

I wanted to provide exposure and they at least are hearing it. One of my objectives is done. 

Kids on the ground went haywire and were quite mischevious. Were enjoying themselves and was not listening to the instructions at all. 

The first lesson, do not expect their trust by mere words. The actions I assumed surprised them rather than trust me. 

In another Class,  I tried talking about the sentences. It was a mistake. Without giving a lot of exposure, I was expecting a lot from them. I had to give a lot of exposure. Once it's done, It'd be a great experience for them as well.

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