Sunday, June 30, 2024

Geneva Journals- Dinners and Conversations

When I arrived to GM, I met Yellow on my first day while she was cooking her dinner. The next day, I met teal blue and had a great dinners over these ten months. I cherish the dinners and conversations with these two lovely seniors. Feels like familiar comfort.  When I was about to leave GM, Teal Blue and Yellow decided to host a dinner before I leave. Teal Blue managed to arrive after a hectic travel trips and tight schedule. Yellow cooked the chicken, Teal Blue got the Bakarwadi and a lot of tales from Brussels to share with us. Food is arranged, stories are stacked and as we began our dinner, the stories flowed. Had a great time, thanks Yellow and Teal Blue for the food, company, stories. 

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Thoughts- Friends and Conversations

I never had to put a lot of efforts to catch up with friends. I'm glad I've decided to put efforts to reach out and not get disappointed when it's not attended. I'm learning to make space for other friends to have their own time. We always have tendency to always make it about us where in reality, it could be of different reasons. 

Geneva Journals- Dinners and Conversations

Jose invited me for the dinner where I got a chance to catch up with a few friends. Over butter chicken and rice, we had an interesting conversations. Thanks S for cooking all of us. 

Friday, June 21, 2024

Friends- Happy Birthday Aniruddha

Aniruddha called up and enquired if I'm free on 20th evening. "Yes" I responded. You are coming for a birthday dinner, he affirmed. I liked the way he invited me with affection and confidence to be part of his birthday gathering. While Grusha treated us with sumptuous food- dumplings, Lasagna, pizza, Tiramisu, ice cream. I sighed now and then enjoying every bit of food. I met Hushitha, Shilpa, Vrishalee, Alexis at the gathering. Sharing conversations on birthday, Ani shared his best birthday so far- a 10 day trip to Thailand without a phone. Shilpa recollected how simple it may seemed now but, the efforts her parents put to gift her an game set based on anime. Vrishalee shared how intentional birthday gathering with limited people was her favourite one. 

The Food Spread

Birthday boy spreading smiles

The Tiramisu Birthday Cake

Alexis, Hushitha shared their stories. While birthday boy played his favorite music- one song from one year, we recounted our birthday tales and were amused by the way we, Indians celebrate our birthdays. I was heart ful by the food, conversations and gathering. Happy birthday A. 

The heartful dessert

Grusha, Myself, Alexis, Vrishalee, Aniruddha, Hushitha, Shilpa

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Holidays with Harry- Learning Mindset

"I've started working on shadow consciousness and I'm learning a lot," I mentioned it to Harry. Nodding to my random tales, he stayed silent listening to me keenly.

Over a few months, I stopped accepting perspectives and began to behave like know-it-all. Over a conversation, one of my friends, by her curiosity showed growth mindset behaviour. Heartened by such curiosity, I began to introspect on my behaviour and be aware of those traits.

"I recently relearnt the importance of statement,'I don't know' and the concept of learning mindset," I shared these thoughts while I was sharing a few anecdotes with Harry.

Harry shared,"as a writer, it's important to always find a new perspective, through out our journey. To be on the path is the key."he continued hinting me to stay with the lesson- Learning mindset.

Showing me the incentive of learning mindset in a writer's life, Harry helped me to get back onto my learning path. Thanks Harry

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Geneva Journals- Evening hike

This time, I went for a hike with a little preparation by carrying a bottle of water and a lot of nuts-Pista. My favorite snack whenever I go low on energy. Walking over a familiar distance, I decided to take a new path and kept walking around. I got across few fields and horses. It was a 20+km hike. I'm happy to keep myself in good spirits by walking. Walking helps a lot when you're cluttered with a lot of not-so-positive thoughts. A walk in the woods is definitely a good stress buster. I often stopped a while, to stare at the trees and take it all in with long breathes. I'm grateful to live in the nature. While returning from the hike, I came across two tiny dogs as well- Milo, Zemo. A good day. 

Thoughts- The self image and the missing pieces

We see the world as we are. 

Learning about projection and how it works, I was happy to find all the negative and positive traits of mine through the help of others. Why couldn't I own all of it? Well, it takes time and effort and consciousness to own ourselves and live in this world. Whenever I'm upset by other's actions I could see myself in them and I choose to act rather than react.

Learnings- Neurophilosophy of Global Security

Geneva Centre for Security and Policy hosted a two day course on Neurophilosophy on Global Security. 

Al-Rodhan hosted the course, welcoming a lot of esteemed professors to facilitate the course. A few points that were discussed during the course- 

1) The role of emotions in cognitive process 

2) A neurophilosophy of fake news, disinformation and digital citizenship

3) Neurochemistry of Power

4) Ocean Model of Civilisation

George Northoff discussed the distinction of 'Self' with the environment while Professor Shapiro discussed the role of emotions in negotiations and conflict resolutions. 

It's intersting to learn more about 'self' and how relational is self to environment, cultures, and a lot more. 


Geneva Journals- The long walks

I wore my shoes and got outside to enjoy a long walk. Over a walk, I look at the trees I pass every day. Watching the walkers pass by and wishing them bonsoir, I continued walking. Sometimes, you need to trust the path and continue the walk. I trust the process and the path and continued my walk. A general perception of space, I walked and walked. Crossed the canals, bridges, creeks, forests, neighbourhoods. Walking for 2 hours, I ended up on a familiar path that's taking me home. This evening walk has reinstated my spirits to believe in the statement, trust the process of life. Sometimes, the words are mere words until we give power to them through our experiences, perceptions and intentions. A long walk on a sunny night. A good walk. 

Saturday, June 15, 2024

365 Days of Gratitude - The random gift

Next door neighbour visited India for a holiday. 'I do not know if people will like random gifts but, I got this for you.' she said and handed out the packet of mango candies. I love the fact that she put a thought and effort to get this for me. I remember running into her at random times and catching up over food, books and things to do in Geneva. Thanks Neighbour for the sweet gift.

Friday, June 14, 2024

Geneva Journals- Dinner and Conversations

Over a dinner, I caught up with a friend who always introduces a new sweet whenever we meet. This time, she baked a sweet called - Leitaria Da Quinta Do Paco. Over sumptuous chicken and rice, we shared what's happening in our lives. I love people who talk with a learning mindset keen to share ideas and opinions on what they're passionate about. Talking of emerging technologies, we wondered what would the upcoming 5 years would be like. As the conversations continued over music, books and art, I had received a few book suggestion - The Covenant of the Water by Abraham Verghese and few other topics to learn more about AI. 

As I visited Van Gogh's museum, I got a lot of copies of his work, keen to share with people who are open to enjoy art and learn a bit about Van Gogh. I hosted a lot of friends and I couldn't find anyone being open to listening and sharing about art. As I found a good listener with growth mindset in her, I gifted her the painting which she liked to have. Talking of names and objects, I shared the names I love using the most- Amrutha and Karthick. As every object has a story, we shared what a few objects means to us and how they travel with us. 

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Thoughts- The cost of Shadow

Studying about shadow concsicousness, I wondered how we never get a chance to meet our shadow till certain age and then get triggered as we hit certain age. I realised that we've a lot of energy in our youth and unconsciously we utilise the energy to cover up our shadows. Different people get triggered by different stances and learn at different stages in their own ways. The more we are aware, the better we can steer our life rather than our unconscious controlling our life. 

Friday, June 7, 2024

Geneva Journals- The Pianos are in town

Fast walker mentioned about the public pianos set up in the town. In no time, we decided to check out the piano scene and hopped on the bus to make some noise in the town. Fast walker is a seasoned pianist. She's been playing the piano since the age of 5. Over conversations, we headed to Bain des Paqui. Experience by Ludovico was played by the miss while a couple of walkers stood by to witness the performance. As we walked to Mont Blanc bridge, at the sight of the Jet d'eau, miss played Interstellar theme on piano. There was a veteran who stoody by to enjoy the performance. He shared about his favorite composer- Chopin in the french he knows. I understood little by the french I know. We hopped onto the one at Jardin Anglais. Thanks to Tako association set by Dan Acher, the artivist. Quite an interesting project to foster social communication and community building. There are a couple of public concerts as well in the coming week.

Quote of the hour

 "There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and this is your own self."

                                                                                                                         -Aldous Huxley

Travel Tales- Bastogne

Reaching Bastogne is altogether another story for another day. Leaving Bastogne is a story I ponder upon.

Walking on a long road without the internet, without much navigation aide, I have a sense of direction to the railway station. I do not have fear of any harm nor worry about what's gonna happen. I did what I could do. Ask. And a gentleman in the car stopped and offered me help. A little conversation, I learnt I'm being offered help by historian who narrated me tales of Bastogne. Amidst stories he told me there's no functional railway station at Bastogne. Buses operate from the railway station but I don't have a pass for buses. It was demolished during the World War-2. Clueless of how I had to head home, I looked at the road. He looked at me and looked at the map and decided to drop me at the nearest station which is 40 KM away. En route we talked and talked and missed looking at the map and travelled extra 20 km to reach the station. Will I drive 60KM extra for a stranger? Yes. Do I expect a stranger in Europe to help me a brown person who can't speak dutch? Yes. What it takes to trust oneself? What it takes to trust others?

Poem- Light at the Tunnel

Look at the light at the end of the tunnel.
There's you. 
There's you who is basking in it's light.
Walk towards yourself. 
You're there. 
You're here. 
You're meant to be everywhere you are. 


Thursday, June 6, 2024

Friends- Lively Shawarma Day

Teal Blue proposed an outing for Shawarma. In no time, Yellow and I got ready and three of us headed out on a cloudy day. Talking of sleep and deadlines, we reached cornavin and went to Al-Amir. The cheerful person at Al-Amir offered us place and service. As the shawarma arrives, we focused on the main business- enjoying the shawarma while we talk of random stories. 

After a heavy meal, we closed it with Baklawa and headed to sweeten our day further with Gelato. As we headed to Fior-di-llate which is translated as Flower of Milk. We tried out different gelatos. 

Teal Blue comes up with interesting games to play without involvement of any gadget. 

The first game went like this- If you've to describe all of us in colour, what would you describe?

I mentioned both of them as Teal Blue, Yellow and gave my reasons.  

I was described as Rich Blue and Rich Grey with alot of tones. 'You've depth' I was described. Thank you dear teal blue and yellow for the description. 

The questions went on like this- If you've to describe us through Indian Cities

I saw Teal Blue as happening, chill Bengaluru, Yellow as exclusive, exquisite Banswara. 

Q- If you've to describe us through seasons

Teal Blue- Bangalore Winters. Cozy and Warm. Yellow- Uttarakhand March Winters. Cold and Sunny. 

I was described as rainy season. 

The questions flowed as we strolled across the lake with stories and few pauses, enjoying the weather and calm waters. 

We described ourselves through objects, feelings and a lot more. Interesting game Teal Blue!

As we continued our conversations, in no time, we got onto the bus at the bus stop and reached home. A good day. Thanks to the reel that tempted Teal Blue to initiate an outing for Shawarma. 

Inspired by the day and discussion with these two lively people, I jot down these lines- 

We're colours. We're seasons. 
We're flavours of fruits and feelings. 
We're cities. We're objects spreading our own liveliness. 

Poem- Light at the end of the Tunnel.

Look at the light at the end of the tunnel.
There's you. 
There's you who is basking in it's light.
Walk towards yourself. 
You're there. 
You're here. 
You're meant to be everywhere you are. 


Every Object has a story- The Etihad Boarding Pass

I always wondered what would be the name of the driver who drives the bus, what would be the name of the locopilot who steers the train and the pilot who navigates the plane. Luckily, in flights, there's announcement of names and I write down the names of the Captain, 1st officer and cabin crew, in a hope to meet them again. 

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Quote of the day- Shelja Sen

 "The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voices, the way we talk about them becomes their life stories."


                                                                                                                    -Shelja Sen 

Memories- Colourless

It's been a year to the colourless journey. On July 2nd, I had my first solo exhibition in Jaipur at Maah Space. Reflecting on the journ...