Sunday, July 21, 2019

Social Media Sabbath

The distraction I'm inclined to check out stuff that can wait for my attention is more harming. I check without a reason. That became a habit and an impulsive habit. I can acknowledge the impulsiveness now. 

And being impulsive, I act upon checking things and the emotions I evoke through the feed are interesting. 

On reflection,  The reactions I got through the posts neither helped nor were energy boosting. I hitchhiked and  shared few stories on social media. I could not see the reactions but dear friends, close friends messaged me, " I'm jealous of you."  I immediately felt sad rather than going through any other emotion. Why my happiness or adventure is making you jealous.

Are you not happy with my stories? Are you jealous of me doing all these things? Well, How do I tell you that this is just a part of me? There are so many things I do and I do not share.

I thought, not everyone would think in this way, friends who wish the best of me do not feel jealous but feel happy about me.

In this case, the social media platform did not act as a tool to connect and impact my relations with friends. 

The interface, the feed made my friends habituated to ignore or passive about reaching out to me to share their happiness or thoughts.

Any medium which does not help to share our thoughts freely does not hold any importance for the usage.  The medium is designed in a way to distance yourself 

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