Wednesday, December 13, 2017

SAHE Stories- Live the lakes.

I just realised, it's important to share what's happening with one idea that a person got, with one decision that she took.  Kalpana Ramesh a.k.a water lady is very calm when she speaks about the issues she's dealing with.  She initiated Live the lakes to clean up the lakes in the city.

Her meticulous planning and intense drive to clean up the lakes is making her dream real. In the journey of making her dream real, she is sharing what's happening with the work.

I feel privileged to listen to the stories.  Here's one video which is so heart warming and inspiring to do bring smiles around us.

The little kids are  thanking Kalpana and AE Nagasmitha for getting them one street light at Gopi cheruvu.  Kalpana says, "Want to clean up this place for them to play😊
This is something that I will push myself for every single day 😊"

Isn't wonderful to bring a smile in someone's life. More power to you Kalpana.

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