Thursday, May 25, 2017

Out of the dust by Karen Hesse

Out of the dust is a verse novel written by Karen Hesse.

This is the first story in verse form which I've read. And I enjoyed it.

It's about a girl, Bille Joe who describes her life and her problems. This book made me realize how important are the words which are unsaid than said.

I give full marks for it's brevity.

Poet Karen Hesse makes the reader feel for the girl and all the characters in the novel.

Though it seemed easy to read at first, there were few times  where I had to stop thinking how Billie Joe went through all those situations. What more is the best writing when author makes reader relate to the characters of the story.

To write a story in free verse form is truly an achievement.

I'd give another read entirely to enjoy the reading.

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