Monday, May 1, 2017

My friend Vikas.

Vikas is my friend. Journey with him is special for many reasons. It wasn't tough to break the ice on first day. We started talking on many things since our 1st day of college. Ranging from mileage of Hummer to favorite sport, Basketball we talked a lot on the first day itself. Basketball was one of our common interests.

Vikas is a basketball player since his school days.Talk to him about sports, especially football, one would never get a chance to call it a day for such discussions.  Vikas hailed from Bangalore who shifted to Hyderabad solely for study purpose. He was a hosteler from his primary school days. He's so easy to go with. I say, without a doubt that he's everyone's favorite in the gang. He's the person who made his presence felt by his words, wishes, and trolls.  I feel lucky in a way that I spent most of the time in life with him.

Shared common interests and studied the same course, 'Mechanical Engineering.'

I find it funny to write about him as I never tried penning down thoughts about him. But, he's one of the reasons for a start to my writing career.
5-hour journey to Vijayawada with him is the most rememberable experience to both of us. To say, that's the first story I penned down and later continued to finish my 1st novel. I never acknowledged it. I never thanked him. I assumed that he knew that, 'I'm thankful to him.' Now, I realize how important it is to appreciate and acknowledge the goodness of him. The greatness of him is, he never expected anything in return when he does some good for others.

I told to many people that, 'I missed trains and I became a writer.' The person with whom I missed trains is this 6 footer, only english speaking, Vikas!

His actions taught me more than his words, "Accept everyone for the way they are,"  His trait to accept people for the way they are, amused me at first and became a first lesson to learn from him. He accepts everyone for, he doesn't identify himself with anything but laughs and smiles. That's the trait I tried inculcating in my life. 

Vikas don't have many hobbies. Academics was never his cup of tea but he's certified mechanical Engineering graduate now. Sports took the most of his time in his entire life. He plays all possible sports that could be played outdoor. Trying new sport is his hobby, 'After going to Australia, will try new sport re,' said Vikas who'll be leaving to Australia for Higher Studies.

Vikas was there for me every time. It was his generosity and goodness that made our bond stronger.Both of us being into college basketball team stayed together for most of the time. It was to the basketball court I had to go every evening for practice no matter if I bunked college or not. With such discipline and ever encouraging teammates Vikas was there as a protecting brother encouraging me, supporting me whenever I failed on court.
Vikas dunking at indoors

Vikas, Sathwik and me

His harsh words at practice always pushed me to be my best as both of us know that he's being there in that way for my goodness. In the same way, I found happiness in cheering him, supporting him.

I'd keep on writing about our experiences to describe him. Once I tried penning down thoughts to describe him and it became a poem.

Today is his birthday, I wish him all happiness, health and peace in his life.

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