Saturday, June 6, 2020

Q- Failure and Growth

I asked a question to a few of my friends. All the responses seemed worth reflecting upon.

What is one thing you would like to do even if you knew you'd definitely fail?

Karthik: I would love to dance even though I knew I would fail.

Sahil: I'll bring the consistency that would be m top goal as an artist

Sruthi: I would paint

Shreya: "Definitely fail," is not definite. You know optimism is my superpower. I would just do it anyway.

Tejaswini: I would travel full time and pursue music! It's my long term plan as well. If I fail, I want to do it royally.

Karan: Jaan do ya Jaane do. If you put your heart in every attempt there is no point of self doubt. Failures are bound to happen and I would embrace it anyway because ultimately I believe in portraying a story with all my heart.

Sapna: I would find more inspiration, change the ambient vibe and try once :) In the end, we only regret the chance we didn't take.

Ajay: Failing sounds like a normal things yet it's important because right from very basic day-to-day stuff like practicing on my instrument or improvising on it, I know I am going to suck at it but I just give it a try to see a better version of what I am trying to do. That takes patience and self assessment. 

Bhavishya: I’d definitely end up creating a lot of fail UI designs.

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