Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Poetry- Corona

Never heard the devil, Corona
That lurched and kicked my life cornering
me to the hunger, humility, 
Is it the devil or my fellow humans who failed me.

A long walk indeed. 
My fellow humans put an hashtag, update the technology, the trend, talk about empathy

A long walk indeed

Can I find one
To share my fear
To share my anxiety

No, I am not angst 
For, I am conditioned to bear child for him, bear the burden of all his faults, take all the shit and still be called selfless, caring.

A long walk indeed. Is there anyone who can listen

Not to my words 
My body, tone, voice and my silence.

It's a long walk and I know, no one will take the white bag off my head and carry for me.

But, I know, you will talk of me, talk for me, put the hashtags.

It's a long walk indeed, for you as well 
To show how you care rather than those talks....

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