Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Happy Birthday Swathi

The hot wind turned into chilled breeze, the clouds hazed the mountain view. Before I realized the change in the weather, it drizzled.


“Abhinay, My mom told me that, on my birthday 10.June.1995, it rained. From then on, no birthday has ever passed without a drizzle or rainfall on my birthday” said Swathi.
I was skeptical about it when I heard it. But it has been 10 years and I lived in different parts of the country and it always drizzled. It’s basic. In the first weeks of June, the monsoon starts but, more than the usual fact, the narrative, the memories, the conversations I had on her birthday brings in all the moments to cherish.

‘Swathi Akhila.’ That is how I knew her in my tenth class. Connecting the dots backward, I wonder how my life would have turn out If I have not started a conversation with Swathi.
During the initial days of our schooling, Swathi seemed poised, no-nonsense, cute, and calm in her own world.  How I met her is another story for another day.

I cannot tell about myself without telling about these two people for sure. Swathi and Susmitha. These two are a great duo. I joined in and we were a good trio for a lot of reasons. Three of us were newcomers. Susmitha was the wise person, I was the notorious person, 
Swathi was a cool person.

The last-school year of our life was a beautiful year I cherish for all the friends I made, and experiences I shared with everyone.

There are few friends who stay with you, a few friends who think of you but do not talk to you, a few more friends who don’t mind talking to you if you show up anywhere again.   
Swathi is one of the friends who stayed with me. 

She is the reason, I picked up books to read. She is also the reason for having a few more amazing friends in my life.  Swathi is full of surprises. Only she can maintain the streak of studying with her sister Lavu, for the longest time in the same institutions all her life.  Only, she can quit a few of those preparatory exams for the sake of quitting it. On the final exam eve, she can stay all night watching sitcoms till early morning and write the exam and still ace it. She can worry about why she is not worried about her future. She can sing her heart out for a long time crooning the single tune. 

Long story short, Swathi is a sweetheart. 

She is the support system I have in my life whenever I am confused. Most of my life, I am always confused and Swathi was always there, watching me, and most of the time, listening to me. I am idealistic, poetic. Swathi is a realist and cherishes the joy of life. 
I share a lot with Swathi. She respects our conversations. She always gives her attention to my words. Her time and attention mean a lot to me. I share my craziest ideas with her, and she listens without judgment. She reflects my thoughts like a mirror leaving out the judgment to myself. Once in a blue moon, she advises me in life. 

Here are a few words I cherish for life.

“Abhinay, reading fiction helps you to empathize well!”

“Abhinay, everyone tells that they love but, it’s important to show.”

“18-25 age is kind of practicals time to give you foundational experience and wisdom to live post 25.”

Close friends who know me know Swathi for, I cannot tell about myself without telling about her. I respect our friendship and value our conversations.  I owe a major part of my writing career to her. She is the one who always stayed and listened whenever I had a word to share. 

It is her 25th birthday. A special one indeed. Happy birthday, Swathi. God bless you! 

It is still raining here. I smile thinking of the streak, the world is keeping up with, blessing you on your birthday every year 😊

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