Sunday, October 22, 2023

Birthday Celebration - Post Card Celebration

Every year, I never plan to make my birthday special but, I'm always intuititve that the birthday goes special in the ways I don't even imagine. 

From the last decade, I've been thoughtful in celebrating my birthdays. In the last 2-3 years, I asked people what I want for my birthdays. I always asked books and people have always showered with a lots of love and loads of books. 

I was reflecting on whom I easily ask without a second thought, whom I remind about my birthday and whom I share my birthday with. This year, I've decided to celebrate my birthday through postcards. 

I'd love to share post cards from Switzerland on the occasion of my birthday.

Due to shoe string student budget, I can afford to send 10 post cards world wide and 20-30 postcards within switzerland. 

Dear reader, if you'd like to celebrate writing, stories, poetry, paintings and my birthday, drop a mail with your postal address at Would love to celebrate the moments through a postcard. 

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