Monday, October 23, 2023

Memories- Events

I'm grateful that there are a lot of days that reminds me of various memories at the drop of hat.  As I prepare for my next exhibition event, I could think of my first launch and exhibtion eve. 

On August 18 2015, I had my first book launch. Anil covered the whole event and gave a lot of memorable pictures. Whole college was cheering for me and supporting me in this endeavour. I could feel everyone's support as everything fell in place even though I was clueless till the last minute about a lot of things. Kittu from ED cell got in, Kittu Jr came up with cover, Charishma assisted in handling the whole event, Shashank was there for every small thing. Grateful for everyone. Lastly but not the least, all my friends, loved ones showed up at the event, making it houseful. Good old memories.  

So nice of the prof to read the excerpts and appreciate them.

Without their support, I wouldn't have pushed myself to check my potential

Dr.Kiran Mai- The one who took me under her wing taught me life lessons

Harry a.k.a Harimohan Paruvu

That's the first and last time I wore suit for any of my launches

The launch picture

This will remain my favorite picture. My first autograph on the day of event, I guess.

The cherry on the top was Harry's blog which still makes me relive the day through his words. Thanks a lot Harry for writing this piece.


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