Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Movie- Uncut Gems

It's been a long time since I watched a movie that shook me up to the core. Adam Sandler as a Jeweller gets hold of a precious gem which he wishes to make money from and get out of all the problems he has in life. 

Exchanging it with several hands and handling the money lenders in his own way, he wishes to get rid of all the problems with one gem. He raises his stakes to get out of the whirpool he set himself in. 

Along side, he terribly fails to keep up with the marraige and family but still holds onto the roots, a superficial act of being in the community. 

I could look into the life of a businessman where there's greed and ambition. 

I remember my conversation in college, with Ismail on what drives business people. At first, I thought, it's money but he mentioned, "it's ideas, power, passion to serve in their own way." I did indeed know couple of my friends who got into business just to make their mark in particular industry and bring change. There are several ups and downs and with the grit they've withstood is commendable. 

Now, I think of how values drive humans and how humans float and drown in the values, trying to make a life.

Movie worth watching.

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