Sunday, October 15, 2023

Xippas Gallery Visit- I can't see the Forest by Karishma D Souza

Malavika has suggested me to visit her friend Karishma D Souza's exhibition- I can't see Forest at Xippas Gallery, Geneva. Malavika and Karishma are from same batch. Glad to know about this and I attended the gallery today. Cirque will remain my favourite place in the town. A few metres away from Cirque, Xippas presented the most intricate and colourful water colour paintings of Karishma. 

A little introduction about the exhibition. 

I can't see the Forest is about artist's view on how rapidly her town, Goa is changing. With the change of landscape changes traditions and livelihoods. A narrative on how her place is being affected by the current changes. I found Karishma's work very intricate and each line seemed to be a fragment of a memory. Her work is presented in two galleries of Xippas. I enjoyed the works which are present in Rue du Vieux-Billard 7 

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