Sunday, October 29, 2023

Day2- Empty Spaces-Maya Nadhi Art Exhibition

It's surprising how I'm waking up from sleep with poems calling out to me get written down. I grabbed the book and penned down the words. 

Scribbled this piece and I'm marveled by how this words are very precious to me at the same time, I'm not the author of these words. Through dreams, I've just written them down. 

Flowing through places
I stayed in the question of empty spaces

I walked through fields
I walked through waters
I walked through lakes
I walked through rivers

I met a sunflower
who smiled like a sunshine

All or nothing she said
to live a life

Through hardships, heartbreaks,
crisis and conundrum

The Sun flower stood

sometimes smiling
sometimes straight
sometimes through stories
sometimes through silences

In a rhapsody of tranquility
she flowed

Always floating on a stable ship
shearing waters

Lying down at night
waking up with the hope

Hope that hauls sun
even through cloudy weather

Flowing through spaces
filling emptiness by her presence. 

She's not the flower
but the river that flows mystically

Mayanadhi flowing through empty spaces

A gush of energy to share this poem across to the world. With a few poems, few stories, you are driven to put them out in the world.  Soon after I started my day, I was mailing my profs requesting for a timeslot so that I could recite this poem and share about my exhibition. 

These days, I'm very laid back in pushing my work across. A few art works and people behind it inspire me to put myself out and grow in this world. "Empty it out and stay open."

I dressed in my signature black Kurta and walked into my exhibition. I'm so happy to be out there. 

The teaser got played on the big screen. I was breathing very deeply, exhilirated to see it on the big screen. I enjoyed each and every moment of it. I walked 

After classes, Rachel M Bon, visiting prof, acclaimed film maker of Je suis Noire, shared interest to check out my exhibition. 

Along with her, other friends walked into my exhibtion. Sandra was the one who encouraged them to check out the exhibition. Thanks Sandra for spreading the word. 

Puru walked in and was curious to check out my exhibiton. He asked me if I had a particular reason to put out the crumbled and cut paper poetry. Along with them, Astonia and her friend shared how they checked out my art in absence and had a lot of questions and comments. 

Another visitor walked into the exhibition, asking out what this is about. As I shared the story behind empty spaces and maya nadhi, she observed the art and laughed looking at the last piece.

"You're an artist, who lives in your own mind." she shared having a intermittent laugh. Thanks for the compliment madam. 

She further wrote her response and maya nadhi in her home language and walked out of the space. 

After the a little hustle, Sandra joined me and shared a conversation. Tanya walked in and appreciated the work and encouraged me to spread the word. She clicked some visuals and video and pushed me to be out there and spread it. At the end of the day, we walked out discussing art, stories. 

I decided to celebrate whole week and I went to Salsa class to dance around and celebrate. I met many new people. A lot of them mentioned about the art exhibition and promised me to check it out and respond soon. Glad that people are interested in art and taking some time to share a space with me. Grateful. Another great day. 

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