Sunday, October 29, 2023

Geneva Journals- Theatre Huddle

I joined the theatre group headed by Nyan Storey, who does writing, acting, theatre direction, choreography and a lot more. "Everything is linked" he writes on his website. Totally agree to it. 

Today Nyan wasn't there for some reason. Five of us began the session. Sebastian, Elchin, Claudia, Felix and two others were present in sesion. 

We walked across the space trying to balance it out. Walking through the space, we tried locking eye contact with one person and kept on walking around trying to share the space as well as take our own space.  Soon we performed mirror exercise and transitioned slowly. 

It's very interesting how we shared the space as well as tried connecting with others and flow easily amongst others. 

There are many exercises I learnt today. After performing shoulder fish. 

We performed Market game where the customer performs an emotion and seller mirrors it. It was super fun. In the beginning, I acted as deaf person and second time, I acted as a person who thinks, he has to buy something but, not really. The seller also thinks to sell but not really, it was fun. 

Others performed excitement, seriousness, anger, romantic and many other emotions. 

Every once in a while, we gathered in a circle to share how we're feeling after the exercises. There's no right or wrong answer. And it's okay even if we don't have answer. 

We shared stories by introducing ourselves. Felix shared how he drew firefighters when he was small by causing heavy fire in the field. Sebastian shared how he fractured his finger, shared the picture with his father saying, 'lol', as he didn't feel the pain at all. Worried dad called up the school, hospital and alarmed everyone to bring son to attend the injury, while son continued playing football without a worry. 
Elchan shared how she was almost missing the flight but made it despite elders pointing out for her issues. There's one more person who shared how she went out for run and forgot the key inside. Her land lord had to come from south france had to Geneva, just to hand over the key to open the door. Patient Land Lord. 

Claudia shared how she clebrates the day of the dead and tried hard to bake th bread and failed. 

We played Hiya, the imaginative blue ball, stinky shoe and alot more fun stuff. 

Learnt a alot of new things today. I'm happy to share space with others and learn about them, learn about myself and what do I express. 

There was one exercise where we need to walk and intensify the emotion that's portrayed by others.

Great day. 

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