Sunday, October 29, 2023

Day-4 Empty Space Maya Nadhi

I'm hardly present at my exhibition and I do not know how my work is affecting to all the ones who walked by. That's how life is I guess. 
We walk the path in oblivion of how we are affected by others and how we affect other's lives. 

Post 2 PM, I walked into exhibition and shared space with Ainun. 

I had couple of people walk in and were very impressed with my work. I'm so happy to evoke an emotion through my art. Elena and I had a deep conversation where we discussed empty spaces and human condition. Ainun was there clicking all of the pictures. 

Gayathri and Epsa finished their econometrics and looked forward to check out my exhibition. Epsa being Epsa, forgot about my exhibition. Both walked in and they witnessed my work from the beginning and know some stories behind the art. They were happy to witness the way it turned out. 

People walked in and shared a conversation. Everywhere I go, there are people who run into me and share, 'I checked your exhibition, good work.' I'm grateful, they chose to share a response with me. 

At the end, I invited Ann to walk into the exhibition. Despite having a heavy day, she came and was happy for me and the responses I got in the book. Thanks Ann for joining me at the exhibition. We clicked pictures and walked out of the college. 

At night, along with Epsa, Gayathri, Anjali and Adhira, we celebrated and caught up in conversations. Glad to have people around to share space and some conversations. 

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