Friday, October 20, 2023

Birthday- M as we know her

M as we know her. My friend's mother. Today is her birthday. 

We know her as a mother who'd call out her daughter early in the morning, to send her to school. "T get up. It's time to go to school." We know her as a student who cleared medicine entrance exam, ambitious to contribute to the world by her presence and her service. We know her as eldest daughter who put her family before her ambitions. We know her as a person who has immense interest in music. Passionate enought to pick up a new language soley through music lyrics and the cassette labels. 

We know her as a person who's interested in movies and catch up on all the oscar nominated movies. 
She's a passionate individual who's takes interest in life and all that brings us into life. She survived COVID, Cancer and her innate fears. We know her as a mother who raised a daughter who reflects kindness, empathy through her. 

It's her birthday and I take a moment to wish her the best in life and this world deserves her presence and her presence makes a difference to many. God bless her. 

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