Monday, October 16, 2023

Geneva Journals- Winter Wear Distribution at La Farce

 La Farce is distributing winter wear as the temperatures have just begun to drop. I pushed myself hard to get out of my residence and was ready to quickly get in and get out of LaFarce finishing the work. I ran into Vibha and walked along with her. Slowly, I joined Jyot, along with her friend Anand, discussing life in Geneva and the possibilities of Jyot getting a jacket with some cartoons. Anand is pursuing a course in Mathematics and computer science. He was sharing his Geneva journey. 

One hour into waiting, Ann joined the line. As I entered the arcade, I picked up a scarf, a trouser, two shorts, a jacket, a few accessories(mostly for painting purposes) and a pair of boots. I'm so happy to find what I found. Ann got a classy jacket and army green shirt. The next La Farce distribution is around 9 December. At the end, with a heavy bag of the haul, walked out thanking La Farce team. 

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