Sunday, October 1, 2023

Education- The Leader's Way

 Recently, one of my prof had a two hour class where he listened to everyone who had an idea and opinions. Every five minutes, he'd assign numbers to people to share their thoughts in order. Even before the order is finished, he'd assign the numbers again. With a little bit of laughter and humour, we shared a 15 ideas, out of which we need only 3!

He listened to everyone, made everyone feel heard and at the end of the class, did what he wanted to do. Last 5 minutes of 2 hour class,he finalised the three topics, assigned members to the groups and shared it with the class. 

I'm impressed by the way he was attentive, patient and managed to find a middle path. Actually, not so middle path but, he made everyone feel as apart of solving the situation. Cheers prof, looking forward to learn more from your class. 

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