Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Broken Wing- A Korean Fairy Tale

This is a Korean fairy tale. In this story, there are three brothers, of three the youngest seemed to be good and favorite of the father. As the father passes away, he doesn’t get a place at home and get kicked out.

Sal- Saree, Tong- Tongi, and Chung-II are the three songs of an old man. Sal-Saree repeats what Tong-Tongi says.

They kick Chung-II. Chung-II clueless of his future stays in the forest and helps a bird with a broken wing. Grateful to his help, the bird offers him a seed and it gives out pumpkins with gold.

The greedy brothers get to know of it and Sal Saree searches for the bird and picks up a bird and breaks the wing and return home.

What happens is the rest of the tale. 

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