Friday, March 27, 2020

Day 3- Lockdown Days

I woke up at 8.30 observing the coldness in the room. Is it not summer? I doubted. I woke up, I wore a jacket and walked out of the house. It’s hazy. I couldn’t see the Sun anywhere. Under the blue sky, the big huge clouds were sailing to long distances. I stretched myself and walked into the room.

I started my day and wrote morning pages. Three pages long hand, writing whatever comes to my mind. Dyu went out to get the vegetables.

Later, I continued reading Ruskin Bond’s Gallery of Rascals. Together, we ate Cheese Scrambled eggs and Roti. During the lock down days, I’m getting the best food.

Post breakfast, we were into our rooms, engaged in a conference call with colleagues. And also spent time in painting. I’m enjoying the process. I’m observing, reviewing and improving. Today, I painted with only blue and black colors. I enjoyed it. 
While Dyu was making sumptuous lunch, I was relishing on the Ruskin’s hill stories. Lunch time, I had Tomato Baath, rice and mashed potatoes. I enjoyed my lunch while I was watching Madness in the Desert.

Finished Ruskin’s memoir as well as documentary. Spent time writing my reviews on both and watched ‘find me guilty’ movie.

Worked out a bit, enjoyed the evening walk at terrace. Worked on the memoir I’m writing. Wrote a poem instinctively and shared with Shivani. End of the day, Catching up with a book again.

Spoke to few friends, Biju and Vikas. I Called up Vikas and spoke for good time. Heartened to hear his voice after a long time. Glad I spoke to him after long time. 
Phone seemed to be the distractor. Till yesterday, I was anxious watching news every ten minutes. I was waiting to read the breaking news but, I realized I’m conditioning myself to negativity. I reduced my phone usage today. Picked up two new books today, 'Meghadhutam’ by Kalidasa and ‘River Sutra’ by Gita Mehta.

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