Friday, March 20, 2020

social media and the stories

Social media is all about the trending stories. With deep learning and mind-boggling algorithms, it's polarised than ever.

Every person may have his friends from different places but, at the most, on average, every person are connected with people who are of certain age group, from a certain place and pursue certain jobs.

Given that a person is a social animal, they would have many friends coming from many different walks of life.

With so much polarisation and similar trending topics, the thoughts and the voices seem same. Everyone talk about similar thing, everyone shares similar things.

In the end, everyone thinks much the same, without deep thought or reflection on what really they want to know, learn about.

With this social media, it gives us false certainty of being aware but, we are disillusioned with similar stories that are brought out by swift sharing mechanisms but not with time to reflect on.

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