Friday, March 20, 2020

The Wordless Conversation Stories.

The Wordless Conversations.

It's been a year and the journey was excruciating, nail-biting for, every poem I typed, retyped meant something to me.

I spent a year collecting all the drafts and categorizing them into themes. Every poem told a lot about me and I told a lot of my experience through those poems.

'Who is going to read it?' asked my inner voice.

'No one' I said.

The urge to let the world know and yet wish the world to not know about the vulnerable self scribbling in random words, I gathered all my guts to work on this project.

Grateful to my friends to give their first thoughts and constructive feedback on the drafts.  I enjoyed working on this project while I was doing several other things.

Like all the other projects, this one was special for I enjoyed the process without wondering what's gonna happen after it's out.

Grateful to be around with loved ones. Thanks for the support.

I'm null but my experiences

More than the message,  the medium matters.

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