Thursday, March 26, 2020

Flatmates and friends

Hailing from Sholapur, studying from Fashion Communication. First-person to greet and help me in setting the room. I met Harshal on Shubam's birthday. Harshal and I caught up in conversation over dinners and lunches. 

Harshal is organised person in his own organised way. He speaks out his heart smiling and sharing all his NIFT experiences. He talked about the way his family friends shared info about NIFT. He had very less exposure to anything and everything. He was accepting the change in his life and he was looking for something that was in his interest. He worked out for quite a good time for what he wanted and got selected for NIFT. Never got out of his town, he had to come down to Hyderabad to study. He didn't have anyone to help out. 

'I've seen the good days. and bad days. I've seen elite life as well as street life,' says Harshal humbled of his life experiences. 

We always met over food. Harshal exclaims, "Biryani Bhai. Ek din, doo din, Har din Kaise Kaathe. Got fed up of it. A few Roti would suffice." 

 In fact, he took me to Swaad Hotel for the first time to introduce me to the rotis and thali. Not a fan of rotis much.  He talks a lot about his Kolkata friend. The one who was there all through his days. He got a good bunch of friends to look up for. 

"Bhai,  of the whole class, only 2 boys. And one boy didn't come to the first class. I was the only boy in the class. I was there. I felt inferior back then. Over time, I got used to it." 

I enjoyed catching up with Harshal and got to know about fashion communication a bit. 

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