Sunday, March 29, 2020

Book- River Sutra

Should a story have a start and an end? Is the story an absolute journey that drives you to seek answers? 

The question does not ask for an answer. A story does not see an end. Like the flow of a river, the stories flowed. 

An unnamed retired bureaucrat walks into a guest house wishing to live in peace, away from the world he lived till then. Wishes he, to resort in peace instead, he is shown the world at the river through the stories of Musician, minstrel, monk, Mullah & few other characters. 

With the Narmada as a common element in all the stories, the book is written with elusive writing and enchanting imagery and gripping poetry. 

Surprised to know about the writer, Gita Mehta, sister of Odisha's chief minister. 

Favorite Lines from the book. 

'The wandering poets and mystics who had made India's soul visible to herself.' 

Do not turn in loathing from me
O Beloved, Can you not see
Only Love disfigures me

O servant, where do you seek me? 
You will not find Me in temple or Mosque
In Kaaba or in Kailash
In yoga or renunciation

Sings Kabir, 'O seeker, find God
In the breath of all breathing. 

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