Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Book- The Why- Why Girl by Mahasweta Devi

The Why-Why Girl is a fantastic book. It is written by Mahaswetha Devi in English.  She wrote her personal experience in the book.

The story is about how Devi met a girl (Moyna) and her mongoose. Moyna lived in a Shabar tribal village living with her mother, brother while his father went to a far off place to work. Moyna questions about everything she's confronted with. 'Why do I have to work? Why is the sky blue?' and asks a lot of questions searching for answers.

Thanks to her curiosity, she gets enrolled in school and acquires education. Later, she works as a teacher in the local school itself. Such a positive and inspiring story.

 The illustrations full of grungy patterns, by Kaniya Kini are beautiful.

*Wordbird Books feature traditional and contemporary stories emphasizing the similarities and differences in this, our one world. Unfamiliar words and ideas are explained with the help of Wordbirds, that streak across the pages, giving young readers access to a multicultural, multilingual vocabulary.

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