Monday, March 30, 2020

Day4- Lockdown Days March 28 2020

Woke up at 8.30 and started the day with morning pages. I wrote 3 pages on what was going in my mind.

Later,  we cleaned the whole house.  In recent times, I’m discovering the cleaning and normal chores to be meditative. After the cleaning, I  sat down with the book, River Sutra. Interesting book. Today, we were told that Jannat hotel, which is a stone throw away, would sell us chicken.

I went out to collect it and cops didn’t spare anyone. They interrogated on my presence and knowing that I came here for chicken, the cop raised the lathi. My umbrella got the blow and, I escaped. I went in the mentioned given time, but the cops didn't spare. Lesson learned, Do Not Step Out at any Cost. But when do we have to get the essentials?

Perplexed of the experience, I returned home to relax. Spoke to Nikita for hours sharing various stories.

Jannat delivered the chicken to home and Dyu cooked Chicken for both of us.

Over lunch, I watched the movie, Killa. A Marathi movie. Realistic and pleasing visuals. I liked the sound design of the film as well. I spent the rest of the evening, painting and reading the book, River Sutra.

Spent the night with the phone browsing news, social media. Phone usage drained me and I slept early.

I texted a few friends. Today was Pragjna’s and Santosh’s birthday. Wished them. And carried on with journaling.

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