Friday, March 27, 2020

Movie- Madness in the Desert.

Madness in the Desert- Making of Lagaan.

Written and directed by Satyajit Bhatkal. I picked up a book on Lagaan making at Harry’s place. I finished it and enjoyed reading about the process of making the movie. It was two years back and I chanced upon the documentary on making of Lagaan on Netflix. Now, I understood, from where the Lagaan music-making clips came from. It's in this movie. This was released in the 2000s. Documentary on the making of Lagaan was a great idea, whoever thought of it.

I enjoyed watching the process and there’s a lot of drama in the documentary as well. This movie documented the hardships, and challenges that were present during the movie. I could connect it a few with the chapters I read in the book. The background score for this documentary got picked up from Lagaan’s background score. Lead actress Gracy Singh didn’t have much to talk. I expected more of A.R’s and Gracy’s interviews in the documentary. This documentary helped me to acknowledge the hardships people go through to make a vision reality. I love the Assistant Directors of this movie. Enjoyed their anecdotes.

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