Thursday, March 26, 2020

Memories- TEDx Conference

In the month of March 2016, I traveled to Bangalore to attend the TEDx Conference with all the TEDsters across India. It was held at Infosys Mysore. We got a chance to stay at the Mysore campus.

We gathered at Anand Circle, excited to meet all the strangers connected through TED. I met Abhinandan first. I met others from Bits Pilani. There were Sahil, Neeraj, Sharanya, Suhridh, Rohan, Sai Venkatesh, Pratyusha, Raashi, Sahana Medha, Vipul, Anitha, and many more people. 

Off we moved to Mysore on buses. Sahil came up with a game to guess the names and thus, started the game with a lot of guesses and ice breakers. Enjoyed the bus journey. 

Everyone was into the discussion.

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