Monday, March 30, 2020

Behind the X- TEDxVNRVJIET Stories.

Leading the way, Meghana took upon the responsibility continuing to share the ideas worth spreading.  

It was a commendable leadership by Meghana for pulling off such a huge event. Meghana was focussed,  she knew her timeline and planned with the team accordingly. The team worked up on what they wanted to do in this edition. Acting on all the learnings, the team researched the ideas, speakers, themes. This edition, the theme was, “Paradigm Shift.”

As we unshelled ourselves for learning and had a great learning experience, we geared up the new journey and called it, ‘Paradigm Shift.’

The license was applied and given week's time, we were granted a license on 12.November.2016

Excerpt from the journal. 

Humble beginnings :) 

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